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The Best Accurate Glucometers In India 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Buying a Glucometer or Blood Glucose meter is very much necessary for a diabetic patient as It can tell you your blood glucose levels in seconds and you can check it in your home or any place. and it is not easy to decide which one to buy.

Every Brand has its Pros and Cons But you should choose a Glucometer wisely because every brand claims their Glucometer is best. Don't worry we dd some research and found out some of the Best Glucometer which you can buy without any worries.

What Specification is necessary before Buying :

These are some features you must look for before buying a Glucometer:

  1. Alternate site Testing : Always taking drops of blood from finger can harm the fingers Some blood glucose meters allow you to use blood samples from other parts of the body, such as the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf

  2. Maintenance and Cleaning : Easy to clean and Maintain

  3. Type of Battery : Rechargeable or not , Lithium Ion is preferred Battery over other types

  4. Measuring Time: The time required to show the result.

  5. Software or Coding : Many Glucometer require to enter some code before use to work properly and some require No Coding and are easy to use.

  6. Usage mode: Memory, Size or weight, Time to display, Accuracy.

  7. Design: The design should be simple and comfortable and easy to handle.

  8. Quality parts: Quality of Lancets and test strips to be used is also a feature to be considered for better results.

Let's see some of the Best Glucometer:

Key Features:

  • Blood Sample Size: 1.5 µl

  • Test Time: 5 Seconds

  • Number of Lancets: Ten

  • Number of Test Strips: Ten

  • Coding Required : No

  • Memory: Five Hundred Test Results

  • Warranty: Ten Years

  • Accuracy:95%

Accu chek is a great brand for Glucometers and its small in size but the features it provides are better than many glucometers.

This Glucometer has a large screen and two buttons includes security alerts, a meal marker, Date and time are already set and you don't have to manually set it. It requires no coding and easy to carry.

You can set markers for pre-meal and post-meal tests.Post-meal alerts will remind you to test your blood glucose level after 2 hours of meal.

Alerts are shown when you insert an expired strip or if you are underdosed. These alerts are good for getting accurate result.

This glucometer also has a micro USB port which lets you connect the glucometer to your computer. which would help you manage data in a better way. It would be best if you had diabetes management software on your computer.

Its easy to use and its test strips are cheap as compared to other Glucometers.

Test strip price:

  • ₹19/Strip - 50 Strips Pack

  • ₹16.5/Strip - 100 Strips Pack

  • ₹15/Strip - 200 Strips Pack

As compared to other Glucometer you can rate it as the Best in Accuracy and Features Glucometer.

Key Features:

A smart Glucometer which connects to your Smartphone

  • Blood Sample Size: 1.5 µl

  • Test Time: 5 Seconds

  • Number of Lancets: Ten

  • Number of Test Strips: 20 RGB and 30 Free Test strip

  • Coding Required : No

  • Memory: Five Hundred Test Results

  • Warranty: One Year

  • Accuracy: +/-15 units

This Glucometer turns your smartphone into a glucose tracking device. It can be inserted into a smartphone’s audio port with a 3.5mm jack.

Its compatible and portable,and what you need to do is insert the strip and connect it with your smartphone to get all readings and saved easily.

This Glucometer kit includes a lancing pen, 25 free RGB Sinocare Safe Accu test strips, and 50 lancets.

The battery life is a long 3 years with the power to do around 4000 tests and also comes with a 1-year warranty.

In terms of buying a Smart Glucometer this could a great choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Blood Sample Size: 0.5 µl

  • Test Time: Five Seconds

  • Number of Lancets: Hundred round

  • Number of Test Strips: 50

  • Coding Required : No

  • Memory: Three Hundred Test Results

  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

  • Accuracy:+/-10 units

Dr.Morepen Glucometer are also considered best among many glucometer.

It has easy to read Large display and it has a beep alert for high or low blood glucose levels.

This is also the best glucometer in terms of features and also comes in a low price as compared to other Glucometer.

This Glucometer has a Lifetime warranty.

The test strips are very cheap which is also important factor to consider this one to buy.

  • ₹14/Strip – 50 Strips Pack

  • ₹13/Strip – 100 Strips Pack

  • ₹12/Strip – 200 Strips Pack

The blood sample size is also less that is about 0.5 µl(1 µl lesser than other Glucometers) and also shows accurate results.

In terms of low price and good feature this is the Best Affordable Glucometer you can buy.

Key Features:

  • Blood Sample Size: 1 µl

  • Test Time: Five Seconds

  • Number of Lancets: Ten

  • Number of Test Strips: 10

  • Coding Required : No

  • Memory: Seventy Five Test Results

  • Accuracy: 85%

OneTouch is designed to be simple and easy to handle as compared with other sugar checking machine(Glucometer).

It requires No setup, No buttons and also No coding which makes it much easier to handle and care and also Blood size sample is 1 µl.

It has a color and audio system which makes it easier for you to understand you Blood glucose results. If your blood glucose level is high it will show blue color with a fast beep and if it is low it will show red color with a slow beep and if it is in the normal range it will show green color with a single beep.

If you are new to Glucometer then this could be a good choice to start with since its very easy.It is the Best Simple Glucometer as compared with other Glucometer.


  • Blood Sample Size: 0.5 µl

  • Test Time: Five Seconds

  • Number of Lancets: Sixty

  • Number of Test Strips: Sixty

  • Coding Required: No

  • Memory: One Thousand Test Results

  • Warranty: One Year

  • Accuracy: 91%

This brand is also a great brand for Glucometer but is costly as compared with other Glucometers but its features are more advanced than others.

It requires No coding and also blood sample size is 0.5 µl and warranty of this device is 1 year.

The test strips are cheap ₹18/Strip - 50 Strips Pack

It has a LCD with backlight feature which helps in giving easy to read result at night.

It also has a feature of Ketone warning that provides alerts when ketone level exceed the normal range which is very much important for a diabetic person to check for.

It comes with 60 test strips and 60 Lancets and an easy to carry case.

This is Best Advanced Glucometer if you are considering this one to buy.

So, We hope this article helped in selecting a Glucometer for you or your loved ones.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

How accurate are Glucometers?

No Glucometer is totally accurate but the results will be always close to +/- 15%.

Is it possible to use any test strip on any Glucometer?

In short,No you should buy test strip based on the Glucometer you use.

Does a glucometer require a battery?


How to take care of glucometers?

Clean your Glucometer after use with a lint-free cloth that is submerged in soapy water or a sanitizer with isopropyl alcohol.


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