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Basic Life Saving Skills Everyone Must Know

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In today's Life no one knows when accidents happen. So, there are some things which every individual must know and how to act in that situation as their one step could save a life.

Performing CPR can save someone's life

A CPR can help when a person's heart and breathing stops to retain the blood and oxygen flow.It is a process of chest compression and artificial ventilation (mouth to mouth)

CPR performed within the first six minutes of the heart stopping can keep someone alive until medical help arrives.

You can watch youtube videos and learn more about CPR as it might be helpful if you learn as it can save someone's life in necessary condition.

Bleeding control

Every drop of blood counts and should not be wasted and must be stopped as early as possible when an accident occurs

First, lay the person down and elevate the site of the bleeding. One must apply continuous pressure with a clean cloth or bandage. Do this for 15 minutes. Do not look to see if the bleeding has stopped.

Heart Attack or Stroke

Chest discomfort that lasts for more than a few minutes, or comes back more than once. This often feels like uncomfortable squeezing, fullness, pressure, or pain. Other warning signs include shortness of breath, cold sweat, lightheadedness, nausea, and/or discomfort in other areas of the body. Warning signs of a stroke include face drooping/numbness, arm weakness, and speech difficulty.

Calling an Ambulance as soon as possible when you see these symptoms in a person can save their life

Seizure or Epilepsy

A person's body becoming rigid and they show jerking movements and they stop reacting or become unconscious but eventually they overcome and are normal again So what should a person do to protect them is:

  • Give them room. Keep other people back.

  • Clear hard or sharp objects, like glasses and furniture, away.

  • Cushion their head.

  • Loosen clothing around their neck, if you can safely.

  • Don't try to hold them down or stop their movements.

Burn occurs

When a person is on fire or their part of body catches fire, first tell them to stay calm and stay where they are because running can make the fire faster and worse ,it is our duty to stop the fire as soon as possible be it be through water or covering them using a blanket or cloth and If a fire extinguisher is available, use it to extinguish the flames and also clear any flammable objects from that area to keep the fire in control That could save them from serious burns or even death.

Also Stop Drop and Roll if the fire is on the body

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