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Face Mask : Making One at Home??

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

As there has been a Pandemic due to Covid 19 , People who think wearing masks could save them ,its not totally true it just decreases the load of virus

A question arises "Do I need to buy masks or can I make them at home ?"

The simple answer is you can make them at home from your clothes you don't need to buy them at stores because both mask would serve the same process.

So if You are choosing to make one at home there are some things you must consider before making one

First question is which fabric to use ??


The most common fabric used is Cotton and It has tiny fibers that may stop the virus particles on the way through and it is said to filter about 90% of particles


According to Smart Air test Nylon is said to filter out 77% of large particles and 12% of small ones, and it was breathable

And also layering a nylon stocking over the outside of a mask can boost its filtering capabilities.

Chiffon and Natural slik may also be recommended with these

After selecting a suitable Fabric Now its time to make a Mask.


The Mask you make should be able to fit properly , It should not be Too tight or loose it should be correct fit for your face and you must be able to Breathe properly and that's the Point

Multiple Layer:

Making a thin layer of Mask would not be a good option to prevent virulent particles but a multiple layered mask would do much better for the prevention or Also a combination of Nylon Cotton , Cotton slik would help in Extra prevention care

But You should be able to Breathe sufficiently if you are making a multilayered mask

These things maybe enough to consider while making a mask at home

After you have made a Mask you should properly wash them after use and then use it for the Next time


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