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Best Foot spa Massager for Home India to Relax and Clean your Foot

Our Feet are the most ignored part when it comes to cleaning and most of us never clean them often and not cleaning can lead to wrinkles and hardening of soles and it would be too late to change that but still using a foot spa massager is a good way to clean and relax your feet for some time.

Going for a pedicure is time consuming and expensive and getting a foot spa massager will save you money and you can use it at your home.

And we have shared some of the Best foot spa massagers in India from all the foot spa massagers available in the market for you.

What is foot spa massage?

A foot spa is a bucket that has automatic or manual rollers that is used to massage your feet with warm water.

What are the Benefits of using Foot spa ?

  • Improves Blood circulation: The feet are less exercised part of body and using a foot spa massager can improve blood circulation near your foot.

  • Low Blood pressure: Our foot have acupressure points and massaging your feet can trigger these points and give a relaxation and relieve and thus reduces blood pressure.

  • Good Sleep: Using a foot spa massager can really induce great sleep because of the soothing massage and relaxation.

  • It Reduces Depression, Anxiety and Edema effects.

Here are the Best Foot spa massagers with Heat and other functions.

​Best Overall Foot Spa: Lifelong LLm279

Best Ease of Use Foot Spa: Walkent

Best with Remote Foot Spa: IBell FTM 140K

Best Cheap Foot Spa: Dr Physio

Best with Functions Foot Spa: Agaro Royal

Best with Vibration Foot Spa: Agaro Regal

Lifelong LLM279 Foot Spa Massager

Lifelong has wide variety of massagers and their performance are good and we have added one of their foot spa massager in the list.

The Lifelong LLm279 has a large LCD panel to operate the massager setting and it makes it easy to use for anyone with low sight too.

It is a foot spa massager with heat and the default temperature is set to 35 degrees and you can increase upto 48 degrees maximum.

It comes with 4 auto rollers that gives you the best experience of shiatsu and kneading massage.

You can also add bubbles during the massage which will give you a real spa massage feeling.

It has space for putting Essential oil in center.

The massager has a Red light setting, when enable it will blink a red light at the bottom of your foot which is said to be an Infrared light that kills bacteria around your foot.

You have the liberty to set the timer from 10 to 30 min using the timer button on the LCD panel.

The lifelong foot spa massager is shockproof.

Lifelong also offers another foot spa massager that has manual 8 rollers and is cheaper compared to this one. You can check out the cheaper one Here

Walkent Foot Spa Massager

Walkent also has many products for Home accessories and Massagers and they have good reviews on their products and people have loved its quality.

The best part of the Walkent foot spa massager is that it can be folded and taken anywhere without much effort.

The build in heater will heat the water upto 50 degrees and keep the temperature constant until the full massage.

It has space for putting Essential oil in center.

The foot spa massager automatically produces bubbles during the massage and it has acupressure points which target the acu points of the foot for better relaxation and relief.

The Walkent foot spa also has a red light which products Infrared light to clean your foot from bacteria and dirt.

It does not have a controller to control the settings and everything is done automatically.

IBELL FTM 140K Foot Spa Massager

IBell FTM 140K is a different foot spa massager compared to other because of its good design and there are 3 types of Rollers offered in this foot spa massager.

4 Roller Massagers,4 Turntable Massagers and 1 Thimble Massager and these together makes the best combination for the foot spa massage.

This Foot spa massager has a LCD panel to control the temperature, Time and Massage functions and if you cannot lean down to change the settings then this would be the best foot spa massager as it comes with a remote controller to operate the massager using the remote.

It has space for putting Essential oil in center.

The Temperature can be set between 25 to 48 degrees and there is a bubble function provided that can be used to product bubbles to give you the best spa feeling.

There are two red lights or Infrared Light that will clean your feet from bacteria and unwanted germs or dirt.

With this foot spa you can get a clean and relaxed massage and relieve yourself from foot pain.

Dr Physio foot spa Massager

Dr Physio has 10 massage rollers and a digital panel to control the spa settings and you can choose to add bubbles more in this foot spa massager as it comes with 2 bubble apertures.

The foot spa has one Red light or Infrared light which serves the purpose of cleaning the feet

from bacteria and dirt.

It has space for putting Essential oil in center.

You can control the the Temperature settings using the Digital panel.

There are not much features added in this foot spa but this is one of the best in cheap foot spa massagers and you can consider this to buy.

Agaro Royal Automatic Foot Spa Massager

Agaro offers good massagers and this is one of the best Agaro foot spa massager.

It has a digital Panel that will make the massager easier to use.

It comes with 6 manual rollers and there is one red light(Infrared light) offered in this foot spa massager.

You can set the timer from 10 to 60 min based on your preference using the timer button.

The foot spa massager comes with heat function which you can change from 35 to 48 degrees using the Heat button in the digital panel.

The foot spa massager comes with a Bubble function that produces bubbles when the bubble button is pressed.

It has space for putting Essential oil in center.

This foot spa massager has a Pumice stone(Used to remove dry and dead skin cells) in the center and if you have dry foot this foot spa massager could be the best option.

Agaro Regal Foot Spa Massager

Agaro has another Foot spa Massager which is also on the top for Foot spa Massagers.

It has 16 manual rollers and a digital panel to control all the settings including Heat, Bubble and most important function Vibration.

This foot spa massager also gives Heat from 35 to 48 degrees and you can control it using the Heat button.

It has a Bubble function and a Vibration function which sets it ahead from other foot spa massagers as Vibration relieves more of foot pain and gives more relaxation to the feet.

It has space for putting Essential oil in center.

These are some of the best Foot spa massagers with good functions and quality and you can choose any of the above foot spa massager for you or for your family.

Buying Guide for a Foot Spa Massager:

  • Comfortable Use: It should be easy to use the foot spa massager and a foot spa with a digital panel is preferred.

  • Functions: The Foot Spa massager should have Heat functions and Bubbles function and these are the topmost priority that should be in a Foot spa Massager.

  • Massage Rollers: The Foot spa massager should have automatic or Manual rollers to induce relaxation to the sole of the foot.

  • Budget: The Foot spa Massager should be not expensive as many of the foot spa massagers offers the same functions.

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