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7 Best Eye Massagers in India for Migraine, Dark Circles and Wrinkles

What are Eye Massagers ?

Eye Massagers are massagers that are used to massage around the areas of eyes to relieve stress and comfort the eyes. They are helpful in improving blood circulation around the eyes and that improves the dark circles and sore eyes.

Why use a Eye Massager?

There are many benefits of using an Eye Massagers and some of them are:

  • Helps rejuvenate eyes and relieves pain around the eyes.

  • They are good to relieve stress, fatigue and improve sleep.

  • They are also said to reduce dark circles and wrinkles.

There are studies that claim that Eye massagers have potential benefit compared to rest and eye drops. You can read this Study EYE Massager

Buying Guide for Eye Massagers:

Some things which are needed to be looked for before buying an Eye massagers are:

  • Usage: The massager should be easy to control while using and it should be easy to change the settings.

  • Comfort: The straps should be comfortable around the head and the massager should not hurt the head or nose during the massage then it should be replaced.

  • Modes of Use: There should be enough types of mode which you can change based on your need and comfort.

  • Music: This is important for some as many would like to listen to music during the massage and music also improves sleep and relieves stress.

  • Battery: The Capacity of battery is also important to consider as how long will the massager last when it is used.

These are some things to consider before buying an Eye Massager.

Acupressure Points near your Eyes are which Eye massagers focuses On:

  • Cuanzhu: The point between your eyebrows that focuses on Wrinkles and Dryness of eyes.

  • Sizhukong: The point is located at end of eyebrows and it focuses on Headache, Migraine and Eye Strain

  • Temple: The region at the side of your eyes that focuses on Headache and eye strain.

  • Chengqi: The point under your eyes and it focuses on redness, swelling and pain in the eyes

  • Jing Ming: The point between nose and eyes that focuses on Dark circles and blood circulation

These Acupressure points need to be massaged regularly for benefits to eye vision and strain.

Let's check some of the Best eye massager review and choose which eye massager could be the best for your need.

The list of Best electric Eye Massager:

Best All rounder Eye Massager: Renpho

Best For Dark Circles Eye Massager: Xech iSoothe

Best For Ease of Use Eye Massager: Breo isee4

Best for Wrinkles Eye Massager: Robotouch Digital

Best for Migraine Eye Massager: Tranquil

Best Cheap Eye Massager: Walkent

Best Heat,Vibration Eye Massager: JSB Hf103

Xech iSoothe Eye Massager

The Xech Eye Massager has a great design and focuses on massaging on the acupressure points near you eyes which tends to reduce stress and increase blood flow around the eyes.

This device massages your eyes using Air pressure, Vibration and Heat

And there are 5 different modes :

  • Automatic - Vibration, Heat, Pressure and Music

  • Fresh - Vibration, Pressure and Music

  • Smart - Pressure, Heat and Music

  • Lens - Pressure and Music

  • Sleep - Heat and Music

You can listen to Music while the device relaxes your eyes with the massage as it has Bluetooth Connectivity.

It will automatically shut down after 15 min.

A Rechargeable battery which can be charged with 2 hours and used for more than 5 days.

It covers four acupoints near eyes that are Cuanzhu, Sizhukong, Temple, Chengqi acupoint.

Renpho Eye Massager

Renpho is a good brand for quality products including massager and air purifiers.

This massager is good for reducing dark circles and stress because of the rhythmic percussion massaging it offers.

The device comes with in-build Heat and Air compression which you can set as per your requirement to enjoy the full relaxation process from this eye massager.

It covers 5 acu points and they are Cuanzhu, Sizhukong, Temple, Chengqi , JingMing acupoint that increases chances of more blood circulation and reducing eye strain which results in low dark circles and low puffy eyes.

You can fold the eye massager and take it anywhere as its easy to carry in a bag.

The massager also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and you can hear music during the massage after connecting it to your phone.

It has a rechargeable battery and takes around 2 hours to full charge which you can use for 2 hours.

The machine shut down after 15 mins of usage.

Breo isee4 Eye Massager

Breo isee4 Eye massager Have a great design and a great performance of massaging your eyes.

This eye massager comes with Heat, Vibration and Air Pressure modes to massage and comfort your eyes.

The massager has three modes of operation:

  • Sleep : 10 min of massage

  • Medium : 15 min of massage

  • Hard : 20 min of massage

You cannot switch off heat or vibration as this massager does not offer such modes.

It has a LED screen to view your settings and change them accordingly.

The Battery can be fully charged in 2 hrs and it lasts for 2.5 hrs of continuous usage.

The massager is best suited for headache and massage near the temple areas of eyes.

It is easy to use with one button and can be folded to carry it anywhere you want.

Robotouch Digital Eye Massager

Robotouch has a wide variety of good quality massagers and they are well established for providing comfortable products.

The Robotouch Eye massager has 4modes that are :

  • Energy mode : Air pressure massage

  • Relax mode : Massage with Music

  • Relieve mode : Vibration and Heat massage

  • Sleeping mode : Low Vibration and pressure massage

It has Heating, Air pressure and Vibration Compression function that will help your eyes relax and relieve eye fatigue and soreness.

It will automatically shut down in 20 min.

The massager is easy to operate because of LCD screen which is used to change the settings of the massager and it does not have bluetooth connectivity but plays in-build nature music.

The device works with C-type charger and the battery lasts for 150 -180 min after full charge.

The quality of the massager is good and the straps are made of soft inner cloth that keeps the facial skin comfortable while using the massager.

Walkent Eye Massager

Walkent Eye massager are cheap compared to others and is providing a comfortable massage around your eyes.

It focuses whole region around the eyes and massages using Heat, Vibration and Air pressure

There are 5 types of different modes of massage in this eye massager.

The device has bluetooth connectivity and you can play your desired songs while using the massager.

The LCD panel makes it easy to use and change different settings of the eye massager and you can select different combination of massage.

It is found to be useful for dark circles and remove fatigue from the eyes.

The battery of the eye massager will last 2 - 3 hrs after a full charge and the design is good with the strap made easy to wear and comfortable during the massage.

JSB HF103 Eye Massager

JSB Massagers have the best of massagers and they are always in demand because of their good quality products.

JSB Hf103 is a eye massager that uses Vibration, Heat and Air pressure to massage and relax your eyes and give relief from headache and fatigue.

The massager comes with in-build music and you cannot connect it with your phone to listen to your choice of music.

The massager is comfortable to use but there are not many modes you can change

The charging time for the massager is 4 hrs and you can get only upto 25 min of usage.

Tranquil Eye Massager

The design and Color of the Tranquil eye massager are great and the build quality is also maintained by Tranquil.

A good therapy machine for people with eye strain and lack of sleep which relieves headache and fatigue.

This massager comes with Heating , Vibration and Air bag massage.

This massager comes with bluetooth connectivity and can be used to listen to music for more refreshment.

The acu points covered by the massager are around the Temple, Cuanzhu and Chenqi points which are beneficial for dry or sore eyes and also helps in reducing dark circles.

There are 4 modes of massage in this massager:

  • Mode 1 : Heat + Vibration + Air pressure + Music

  • Mode 2 : Air pressure + Heat + Music

  • Mode 3 : Air pressure + Heat

  • Mode 4 : Air pressure + Music

The massager is rechargeable and takes full charge time of 2 hours which last for around 150 min of use.

This massager also shut down in 15-20 min of usage.


Do Eye Massagers remove Dark Circles/Wrinkles and Headache?

Yes they are Helpful in reducing dark circles or Wrinkles because they focuses on Improving blood circulation and relaxation near your eyes.

How Many Times We can use the Eye Massager?

Use it when you are tired or 2 - 4 times a week

Are Eye Massagers Safe?

Yes, Eye Massagers are safe to use but do not use them in excess and they are good to target acupressure points near you eyes.

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