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Best Backrest for chair to relieve Back pain in India

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Back pain is a condition where a person feels pain in their back due to poor posture or sitting in a chair for many hours.

Many adults suffer from this pain due to their office work and due to pandemic many children are also affected by back pain problems and if anyone suffers from back pain at an early age then it could create problems in their whole coming life so it is necessary to act wisely and reduce the pain as much as possible.

Back pain can be reduced by taking some of the good measures and also we have shared some of the best Backrest pillows which could be very useful in relieving back pain while working or studying for hours in a chair.

Healthsense Soft spot BC21

  • One of the best selling back rest cushion in Healthsense and it is designed to provide a comfortable support to your back and thus reducing back pain.

  • It is build with high density cushion that is more durable and comfortable.

  • The cushion is made to be used while sitting in car, sofa, couch and even wheelchairs.

  • It has a ventilated mesh that allows air circulation and reduces heat inside the cushion.

  • The cushion comes with an elastic strap which is used to fit any seating to keep the cushion in the correct position as per your need.

  • The design is good and the shape of the cushion is perfect for back pain or your spine.

  • 8 therapeutic magnets are placed in the cushion to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation and toxins.

Our Observation:

  • The back support was very helpful in relieving back pain

  • Pain in neck and shoulders was also reduced due to this support

  • Helpful in spinal and maintaining a good posture

  • Overall the product provided much comfort to back and helped to stay on the chair for longer hours.

  • It was found to be best to use while travelling.

  • The elastic strap sometimes won't keep the Cushion in place.

Grinhealth Sitright Pro Lumber support

  • This is one of the the best company to look for a Back rest cushion and they have a variety of backrest cushion and from all we have selected the best one.

  • The memory foam quality is best for your spinal support.

  • The design of the cushion is Orthopedic that is good for shape of the body and it is good for maintaining correct posture.

  • It does not come with a strap so it is best suited for lower back pain.

  • The cushion is useful for car seat ,office chair or anywhere you sit.

  • The company also claims to provide lifetime replacement for their products.

Our Observation:

  • Best suited for lower back pain.

  • Good for person sitting at the back of the car and not so much comfortable for the driver

  • Strap is good and you can adjust the strap based on your choice and it keeps the cushion in place.

  • Lumber support is good.

Grin health Backrest Cushion

  • This is also one of the Grin Health product and this one is also a good choice.

  • The design is better and supports your spine perfectly

  • It is somewhat bigger is size and is best for lower and upper back pain.

  • The cushion is antibacterial and has enough air circulation that prevents heat.

  • The cushion is good for improving posture and maintaining it.

  • It can be used in car, office chair and wherever you sit you can use this backrest.

Our Observation:

  • It was good for correcting posture

  • It supported the whole back.

  • Relieves pain from lower and upper back.

  • The cushion was helpful when seated for longer hours

  • It relived pain even while driving for long hours.

  • It does not come with a strap so you cannot place the cushion at one place or take it some upward for more support to upper back.

Fovera Backrest Support

  • The Cushion is designed to relieve back pain from sitting for hours.

  • It has Anti-flattering Foam that keeps the cushion in shape and retain its softness.

  • It is designed for office chair ,Home chair and Wheelchair, Car seats.

  • The cover of the cushion is breathable that prevents it from getting heated.

  • It comes with two straps that is helpful in keeping the cushion in place.

  • The product is good for maintaining good posture and helps in keeping your spine in better alignment.

Our Observation:

  • Good for sitting longer period of time.

  • It was helpful in relieving Lower back pain.

  • The product was helpful in maintaining a good posture.

  • The strap was good at holding the pillow in place.

  • These won't fit in normal chairs that does not have depth in it.

  • Lumber support was good and it was able to relieve pain.

Obliq Memory foam Cushion

  • The design of the Cushion is made to support your lower back and relieve some pain in the lower back while sitting for hours on a chair.

  • The memory foam is firm and comfortable, it won't become flat or loose its shape.

  • The gel core in the Cushion is made to keep your lower back cool and prevent sweating.

  • The cover is breathable allowing air circulation and easy to wash.

  • The Cushion is also designed to help relieve pain during driving car for long hours.

  • The Cushion is big enough to cover some part of upper back and provide some comfort.

Our Observation:

  • Provided best support to lower back and is comfortable to use

  • It was good for lower back pain and not so much for upper part of the back but overall it is good.

  • Good support while driving a car and provided comfort, relived pain during long driving hours.

  • Good for working in a chair for long hours.

  • Helped in keeping the posture correct.

These are some of the best backrest cushion which were able to relieve back pain and provide good posture support.

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