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Lifelong LLM 99 vs JSB HF05

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Massagers are in demand all the time as every person want to relax their body in the best way they can.

In this article we have taken two of the most sold and competing foot and calf massager that is Lifelong llm99 and JSB hf05.

When buying a foot and calf massager then people often confuse between these two in the last but in this post you will be able to choose the right one for yourself.

Let's compare their features in detail:


Lifelong LLM99




















Best Buy


Power is the amount of energy required to run the massager or you can say that more power means much more electricity it requires to run the machine.

We have checked the power of both the JSB and Lifelong massager and JSB takes 60W of power to operate and Lifelong massager takes 80W of power to operate.

So, it means that Lifelong would require more electricity to run but JSB would take less electricity to operate as it only require less power than lifelong to operate.

If you want to save electricity then JSB could be a better option.


The design of both the massage is good but it depends on person to person because JSB has a advanced design that could look attractive and catchy but Lifelong has a classic design that looks professional and straight.


JSB Hf05 works on 2 copper motors while lifelong llm99 works on 4 copper motors.


Both the massager will work continuously for 15 min and then automatically it will shut down and you will have to switch it ON again to make it work for another 15 min.


Lifelong foot massager has a LED display where it display the settings and you can view the timer also in the display.

In JSB, you are provided with only buttons to operate.

Build Quality

The Build quality of is always a matter of concern and also it is the factor that decides if a massager will last for many years.

Although the build quality is good in both the foot massagers but JSB has a better quality over Lifelong and the finishing is also better in JSB compared to lifelong.

Both Jsb hf05 and lifelong llm99 are made of ABS material.

Based on many reviews JSB Hf05 lasted more years compared to lifelong llm99.

Modes of Operation

There are some modes or features that comes with both JSB hf05 and lifelong llm99.

Lifelong has Manual and Automatic mode. In Manual mode you can choose as per your requirement and in Automatic mode the device will automatically set the speed and vibration and heat setting.

Jsb hf05 does not have a automatic mode and you would have to set the speed and vibration setting on your own.


Kneading massage is a type of massage where your legs are pressed or kneaded in upward or rolling direction. JSB hf05 has Kneading mode and it has a 3 speed setting by which you can set the speed as per your need.

Lifelong llm99 also has kneading mode and here also you can set the speed setting of 3 in manual mode.


Again Jsb has 3 speed vibration setting and the same goes with lifelong llm99.

The Vibration is better and higher in JSB compared to lifelong llm99.


Lifelong llm99 has a Heating setting in which you can feel some heat under your foot which is very useful in winters but heat is very low and many won't even feel if there sole is getting warmed.

Jsb hf05 does not come with this function but Jsb hf05 Ultra has this function of heat.


Overall the performance of JSB was superior compared to lifelong llm99 but both were performing well in relieving foot and calf pain.


Warranty of both the foot massager is 1 year.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

JSB HF05 Buy on Amazon

Lifelong LLM99 Buy on Amazon

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