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Best Vitamin C face serum Available in India 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Vitamin C is one of the water soluble vitamin, that means your body tissues easily absorb the vitamins but cannot store it, So these vitamins are always needed in our diet.

Many experts say, Vitamin C is the safest and most effective nutrient.

What is Vitamin C serum ?

Vitamin C is considered as one of the best anti-aging nutrient in the market and one of the best ingredient for keeping your skin glowing and smooth.

You must be thinking that we get vitamin C through our diet then what's the need to use a Vitamin C serum and the Vitamin C you consume through your diet does not reach your skin fully and because of this fact Vitamin C serum is a useful and healthy way to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Benefits of Vitamin C serum:

  1. Hydrates your skin

  2. Gives a glow on your face

  3. Reduces dark spots and age spots

  4. Reduces dark circles

  5. Promotes growth of Collagen

Possible Side effects:

  1. Rash or Redness after using this serum

  2. Irritation or Discomfort after apply Vitamin C serum

If you find any of the side effects from the above then you should stop using Vitamin C serum.

How to use Vitamin C serum:

  • First test the serum by applying only small amount of Vitamin C serum on your skin.

  • Wait for 24 hours and if you did not observe any side effect, then massage some drops of serum on your face.

  • Wash your face before applying the serum.

  • You can do this two times or one time a day and the results will be visible after 2 or 3 months.

Which Vitamin C serum is the Best in India?

Vitamin C serum

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Derma Co

Himalayas Organic

Man Company

WOW Vitamin C serum

  • It is suitable for all skin types and they claim it has been tested by dermatologist, The serum is 100% vegan and suitable for everyone.

  • It contains 20% Vitamin C that could help you in gaining good skin tone and reduce dullness and keep it hydrated.

  • It contains Witch Hazel, that helps to reduce Oily skin and reduce acne related problems and also protects against skin damage.

  • At last it contain Hyaluronic acid that helps with dry skin and moisturizes your skin, it reduces lines or wrinkles on your face giving a glowing and smooth face.

  • It is gluten free ,paraben free(Harmful chemical are not used) and silicone free(Does not contain Bad silicon).

  • Overall, the product is fine and good for skin but don't overuse or use it in excess as it could damage your skin. So, applying daily once is a good way to start.

MamaEarth Vitamin C serum

  • This Vitamin C serum is 100%vegan and is suitable for all skin types, they also have tested this by dermatologist.

  • The serum contains Vitamin C that as usual acts as an antioxidant and helps your skin boost glow and reduce dark spots.

  • It contains Turmeric, an ingredient that is always effective for face, and reduces skin aging by giving a radiant glow on your face.

  • It also contains squalane that boost collagen production, hydrates your skin and reduces dark spots, wrinkles and reduces or balances oil production of your skin.

  • It is paraben free(Free from Harmful chemicals),Sulfate free and does not use any artificial preservative.

  • The product is good for oily skin and you can apply two times a day to get better results.

Minimalist Vitamin C serum

  • It is made from 10% ethyl Ascorbic acid which is a form of Vitamin C and is highly antioxidant, reduces wrinkles and produces collagen in your skin.

  • It contains Centella leaf water which hydrates, nourishes your skin and reduces pores.

  • It also contains 1% Acetyl Glucosamine that reduces acne problems, exfoliate your skin and lightens it by reducing skin aging.

  • The serum is Sulfate, silicone and paraben free and the side effects could be minimal.

  • They claim it is suitable for all skin types even the sensitive skin.

  • Overall, It was good to use and even if it didn't show any effect on some skin type the side effects were very less.

  • As far as we have analyzed it could not be the best for most sensitive skin.

Plum Vitamin C serum

  • The serum contains 15 % Ethyl ascorbic acid that is a derivative of Vitamin C which has increased antioxidant properties and helps in reducing wrinkles and as the content is 15%,the serum would be more effective and fast in showing result.

  • It contains Kakadu plum which is rich source for Vitamin E and C and helps in reducing acne ,infection and also acts as anti-aging for your skin.

  • The serum also contains Japanese mandarin that makes your skin glow and increases skin tone and reduces dark spots.

  • It contains Rosa damascena that helps to clean acne scars and prevents wrinkles and moisturizes your skin

  • The serum is Paraben free Mineral Oil free.

  • This helps from sun damage and hyperpigmentation and gives a natural glow on your face.

  • Overall, you can see the effect in 2 weeks of regular use of this vitamin c serum and is good for sensitive skin.

Derma Co Vitamin C serum

  • The serum is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin type.

  • The serum contains10% vitamin C which works good as a decent antioxidant and has all the benefits of Vitamin C on your skin.

  • It contains 5 % niacinamide which is a form of Vitamin B3 that helps in reducing pores and helps in balancing oil production on your face, reduces dark spots and Hyperpigmentation.

  • It contains Hyaluronic acid that is very helpful in reducing wrinkles and moisturizing dry skin.

  • It contains ferulic acid that gives vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid an extra boost for better results on the face.

  • The serum is Paraben and sulfate free, Mineral oil and dye free.

  • The effect of the serum could be visible in 3 to 6 weeks of regular use.

  • Overall, It was good for acne and gave a glowing skin tone and reduced dark spots.

Himalayan Organics Vitamin C serum

  • It contains Vitamin C in the serum as its name suggest and all the benefits of vitamin C is added in the serum and the content is made from Aloe leaf, Moringa and Liquorice extract that prevents excessive melanin on your face and moisturizes your skin, safeguards from oxidative stress and promotes even skin tone.

  • The serum contains Vitamin E that makes your skin look younger and reducing acne scars.

  • It also contains Hyaluronic acid that really helps to reduce wrinkles and gives moisture to your skin.

  • It is suitable for all skin types and is a good way to clean acne or dark spots ,No harmful chemicals are used while making this serum.

  • Overall, It is good for giving a skin glow and has reduced acne scars, dark spots.

Man Company Vitamin C serum

  • The serum contains 40% of Vitamin C and it makes it more powerful than other serums as the content of vitamin c is more in this serum.

  • The serum is helpful in reducing dark spots, blackheads and minimizes pores and gives a nice glow on your face.

  • It contains Hyaluronic acid that does the same work as in other vitamin c serum that is it will help in reducing wrinkles and gives a moisturized skin.

  • The serum is added with Moringa Essential Oil, Gotu Kola extract, Licorice extract, Aloe Vera Extract that is very much helpful in increasing the effect of the serum on your face.

  • It is suitable for all skin types and is free from sulfate and paraben.

  • Overall, It has been observed the effect of this serum helps in reducing oil production and balancing it on your face and also it helped in increased skin glow

  • It was also helpful in reducing dark circles within a week of regular use.

These are some of the Vitamin C serum for face that were found to be effective and better than some of the Vitamin C serum in the market.

These were helpful in reducing acne and Hyperpigmentation and also good for oily skin as well as dry skin. You can buy any of the above.


  • Q. At what age should you start using Vitamin C serum?

  • Ans. Experts say as soon as you turn 20 you should try to include these serum for the good of your facial health.

  • Q. Should use every day?

  • Ans. Using everyday is good as you can observe better and faster results but it depends on you and how your skin reacts to the serum.

  • Q. Vitamin C Cream or serum?

  • Ans. Serums are better as they are thin and effective compared to creams

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