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Omron Hem 6232T Wrist BP Monitor Review

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

It gets very complicated while buying a blood pressure monitor with so many good choices available.

Wrist BP are on their way competing with arm BP monitors and one of the best one standing wrist BP monitor is Omron HEM-6232t and we have reviewed this device in this post.

About Omron

Omron is been considered a top brand in terms of selling blood pressure monitors.

Omron claim that all their Blood pressure monitors are clinically validated.

Omron release many forms of bp monitors from basic (only measurement and few features) to advanced (Measurement and many features) and Hem 6232t is an advance bp monitor.

So, if you are just looking for a basic bp monitor which doesn’t include many features you can go for Omron hem- 6161 (Check on Amazon) but if you want a good BP monitor that has some of user friendly features then Omron hem 6232t could be a great choice.

Let’s dive into the feature this BP monitor comes that makes it the best for home use BP monitor:

Features for Maintaining Accuracy:

Cuff wrapping guide

An illuminated indicator will blink if the cuff is not wrapped correctly and an OK symbol will appear when the cuff is wrapped correctly with a green illuminated light.

IntelliSense technology

A system that is present in every Omron bp monitors for fast and comfortable measurement. You don’t have to select inflation level or pressure setting.

It inflates automatically with comfort to your wrist and deflates quickly for fast results.

This feature is best for those who suffer from arrhythmia or heart disorder because their bp fluctuate during measurement.

This feature helps in comfortable and fast results.

Body movement detection

Moving your body during measurement can result in less accurate result but this problem cannot occur in Omron 6232t because of its body movement feature.

In this, the system will show an error symbol if you move your body during the measurement and then you have to remove the cuff and wait for 2 to 3 min and then take another measurement without moving your body.

So, this is a great feature to get accurate result.

Heart positioning indicator

This indicator assist you in keeping the bp monitor at a correct height and right posture that is aligned with your heart for accurate results.

A blue colored heart symbol will appear when it is at the correct position but if it is higher or lower the locator bar will appear above or below the heart symbol to assist in maintaining the proper position.

Hypertension indicator

If your Systolic and Diastolic pressure is above the normal range (135 mmHg Systolic or 85 mmHg Diastolic), an indicator will show a symbol of “HIGH”.

Great User friendly Features:

Morning Average Indicator

This feature shows a weekly average reading taken in the morning. This feature allows you to track your morning average data only.

This can be a great help to your doctor to observe your BP in a better way.

Morning Hypertension Indicator

An indicator which appear if your weekly morning average reading is higher than the normal reading (135/85 or above).

This feature allows you to take an action based on your weekly bp readings which is a great feature for safety.

2 users

A feature that is very unique to this device is that 2 people can use it and track and save their own individual readings.

There are two profile option in which you have to select the profile you are using and when the other person is going take the measurement they have to select the other profile i.e. user 2 on your phones.

So, this is very great to track the readings of two users which is not available in many BP monitors.

Irregular heartbeat detection

A heartbeat symbol will appear on the screen if the monitor detects any irregular heartbeat during measurement and this helps you to be always aware about your condition.

Average Reading

Many people try to take Average reading manually by taking two or three measurements on their own but this problem doesn’t occur in this device because if you take 2 or 3 readings within 10 minutes, it will show an average of the 2 or 3 readings you have taken.


It has a memory of 100 readings and it automatically deletes the last reading when 100 readings are completed to save the recent readings.

But you can save your old reading in a document form on your phone before it completes 100 readings.

Easy to use

It is small in size and light weighted which makes it possible for you to carry them easily anywhere.

Also it has a large display and doesn’t give strain to your eyes while viewing your results.

Quiet Inflation

The inflation of the device is noiseless which lets you measure your bp anytime without causing much disturbance to anyone.

Bluetooth connect

You have to download the app called Omron connect and select the device you are using in the app and connect it with your bp Monitor.

A feature that helps you to connect your phone to your bp monitor to track your result and view them in the form of graph to see the variation of your bp.

And you can save your result in a doc (csv) form in your phone which can help you share your overall readings with your doctor.


These are some of the features that makes it the best wrist bp monitors.

All the features makes it stress free to use for the users.

If you want to buy an Easy to use, user friendly and Stress free BP monitor then you can go with Omron Hem- 6232t

Buying from our link will be helpful:

There are some things you should know before buying a wrist BP monitor:

  1. They are less accurate than Arm bp monitors (It doesn’t mean they are not at all accurate)

  2. Errors can be more if you don’t maintain a correct posture while measurement

  3. You have to measure in a sitting posture without moving your body.

According to a study wrist monitors are not a good choice for very old people with the age of 70 -80 years.(Sprinkler )

Note: Wrist monitors should be avoided by Diabetic people.

We hope this Post helped you.


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