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Omron HEM-7120 vs 7124 vs 7130 bp monitors Comparison

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Keeping a blood pressure monitor at home is one of the best choices for people who have High blood pressure and they need to manage their bp at all cost for their healthy life.

Checking bp is getting important these days as 1 out of every 3 adults is at risk of having high blood pressure or Hypertension.

If you are new to buying a blood pressure monitors then you must have definitely heard of the brand name of Omron and also many other popular brands.

If you are looking on to buy an Omron Blood pressure monitor then its a great choice but now a question will hover over your head on which model of Omron to buy?

Be glad we have solved this query and at the end of reading this article we are sure you will be able to decide which Omron model is the best.

Why choose Omron bp monitors?

  • Their products are clinically approved and meet highest standard of precision from AAMI or ESH organisation.

  • They use intellisense Technology in all bp monitors that automatically customize the cuff inflation for fast, accurate measurements.

In here we have reviewed Top 3 best selling Omron bp monitors that is Omron HEM-7120, Omron HEM-7124 and HEM- 7130.

Omron HEM- 7120 and Omron HEM -7124 are categorized as a basic Blood pressure monitor and Omron HEM-7130 is categorized as a Deluxe bp monitor according to the manufacturer(Omron).

You can buy through here from amazon:

Omron HEM-7120 Check on amazon

Omron HEM-7124 Check on amazon

Omron HEM-7130 Check on amazon

Let's Compare all these three based on their features and quality:


In terms of accuracy all these three are the same because all the three bp monitors comes with Intellisense Technology which ensures correct inflation of the cuff and thus gives accurate results.

And the result could vary 5% in pulse accuracy(+-) and 3mmHg in pressure accuracy(+-)

Three of the device pass in terms of accuracy.


Weight of Omron HEM- 7120 is around 0.33 kg.

Weight of Omron HEM- 7124 is 0.57 kg.

And weight of Omron HEM- 7130 is 0.57 kg.

In terms of weight Omron HEM- 7120 is light weighted as compared to the other two bp monitors.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection:

This feature helps you to know if you have an irregular heartbeat based on your results.

Omron HEM-7120 and 7130 comes with this feature which enables them to detect irregular heart beat while taking the measurement but Omron 7124 doesn't come with this feature.

Omron HEM- 7120 and 7130 is ahead of Omron HEM- 7124.

Blood Pressure Level Indicator:

This is a small indicator that will tell your blood pressure level according to the result.

Omron HEM-7130 is the only one that includes this feature by which it indicates the level of your blood pressure.

Here Omron HEM-7130 is best from Omron HEM-7120 and 7124.

Cuff wrapping indicator:

This feature ensures that you are wearing the cuff correctly to avoid incorrect results.

Both Omron HEM-7120 and 7124 shows an "OK" mark in the display or LCD if the cuff is wrapped correctly but Omron HEM-7130 has a Lamp which turns green when the cuff is wrapped in a correct way that can be more helpful with low eyesight people.

Hypertension Indicator:

A heart beat symbol will blink when your bp is above 135/85mmHg and this feature is in Omron HEM-7120 and 7124 but HEM-7130 does not include this feature.

Body Movement Detection:

If you move your body while measuring bp then the device will detect body movement and will show a symbol of body error that denotes that the measurement is not totally accurate and you have to measure again , since body movement disrupt accuracy of the result and this feature will help you to maintain accuracy of your result.

This feature is available in Omron Hem 7120 and 7130 and not in Hem 7124


All the three show pulse reading too.


The feature to set date and time is only available in Omron HEM-7130 and not in Omron HEM-7120 and 7124.

Ease of Use:

Omron HEM-7120 and Omron 7124 comes with one button feature that is start/stop button which makes them extremely easy to use.

Omron HEM-7130 has three button because to set date/time and extract previous reading.


Omron HEM-7120 and 7124 doesn't store any memory but shows only the last reading.

Omron HEM-7130 stores upto 60 readings and shows the average of 3 recent reading in the display.


All comes with a LCD screen and Omron HEM-7130 has a large display as compared to Omron HEM-7120 and 7124.

Cuff circumference:

Omron HEM-7130 has wide range cuff circumference( 22 to 42 cm) which can be used by even people with fat arms.

Cuff circumference of Omron HEM-7120 and 7124 are about 22 to 32 cm.


You are provided with 4AA batteries with all the three models of Omron and If you don't want to use a battery then you need to buy an adapter separately from Omron.

Don't use any adapter as it may damage the device.

If you want to buy an Omron adapter you can buy from here Check on amazon


Omron HEM 7130 price is Rs.3298/-

Omron HEM-7120 price is Rs.1948/-

Omron HEM-7124 price is Rs.1835/-

Omron HEM-7130 is expensive as compared to the other two blood pressure monitors.


Omron HEM-7120 has a warranty of 5 years.

Omron HEM-7124 comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Omron HEM-7130 has a warranty of 1 year.

A feature that gives Omron HEM-7130 a good point is that you can scan your device from your phone to extract your previous results without any usage of Bluetooth.


We have discussed here all the features that needed a comparison and now let's get to a conclusion.

If you are planning to buy the best from all three of them We would recommend you to buy Omron HEM-7120 because this device has most of the features than the expensive Omron HEM-7130 has.

But if you want to keep a record of your bp readings then you can choose Omron HEM-7130 because the other two device doesn't keep records of your readings.

And Omron HEM-7120 has better features than Omron HEM-7124 and they are in the same price range.

Now its on you to decide which one you should buy or gift to your loved ones.

Thank you for reading this post.

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