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Best Face steamer in India 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Facial steamer is a cheap and best method to keep your facial skin healthy and glowing without much efforts.

Washing and cleaning your face with skincare products doesn’t remove the deep deposits of oil and dirt in your facial pores but with steaming your face for around 5 to 10 min can open up pores and soften the oil and dirt deposit and makes it easier to remove oil and decongest your skin and make it breathe free.

Warm steam is also a very helpful way to boost blood circulation and gives you clean and perfect skin.

It also helps in giving you an active look on your face and reduces the tired look.

Buying a good steamer can help you in keeping your face healthy at the comfort of your own home without spending much on spas and parlors and saving you a good amount of money.

Why you should use a face steamer

A face steamer can give you a lot of benefits which will make you buy a steamer now, let’s look into some of its benefits:

Cleanser: Steam opens your pores and softens or cleans the build-up of deep dirt and oil giving you a clean face.

Hydrate: Steam can help you hydrate and moisturize your skin and gives you a smooth skin.

Improves facial look: Steam helps to increase your blood circulation and also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and gives a good appearance of skin and you may look younger.

Removing Blackheads and Whiteheads: As steam helps in opening up of pores, this helps in softening the areas of blackheads and whiteheads and removes the black color without much efforts.

Anti-acne: The exfoliating effect helps to remove dead skin cells and other impurities that results in clogging of pores and this is helpful for people with acne problems.

Affordable and portable: Buying a facial steamer is very affordable and saves your money at spas or parlours and it is easily portable and easy to use.

So, if you are getting this much benefits from a steamer then you may look below on the Best facial steamers list to decide which one you should consider on buying.

How to use a steamer

Using a steamer is very easy. We will tell you the 4 steps included:

  • Step 1: Place your steamer in a flat surface and plug the outlet.

  • Step 2: Open the lid of the facial steamer and add cups of water and don’t overfill it or fill it exact till the top.

  • Step 3: Switch it on and wait for some time until the water boils and steam is produced

  • Step 4: Don’t get too close to the nozzle or else it may burn you but maintain a safe distance while taking the steam and switch it off after use and you may discard the water after some time.

Note: If you want your steamer machine to last long then you should drain the water from steamer after every use and turn it upside down to dry water droplet in it

Dangers of using a facial steamer

  • It can be harmful if your skin is too sensitive and the hot steam can be irritating for your skin. It can cause redness if overused. So, if your skin is too sensitive then use it less.

  • If you suffer from disease like Rosacea then you should consider not buying a steamer as this may harm your skin badly.

  • If you have an inflammatory skin condition then steaming is not for you.

  • If you have a very dry skin or eczema then steaming can remove the natural oils from your skin and cause more dryness of your skin.

How to choose the best face steamer

These are some of the key features you should look in a facial steamer before buying them.

Water holding capacity:An important feature to look for before buying a steamer is, how much water it can hold or the capacity of steamer.

The more the capacity, the longer it will work. If you buy a 200ml steamer it will work for atleast 20 min.

You must choose a steamer as per your requirement.

Heating time:Heating time is the time taken by the steamer to boil the water for use.

Lesser the heating time, the faster the steamer.

You must choose a steamer that has less heating time and boils the water quickly without making you wait for eternity.

Automatic shutdown:This feature allows the steamer to shut off automatically if water levels is too low or it reaches a maximum temp.

And if you forgot to switch it off while going somewhere it will automatically shut itself off.

This feature ensures safety.

You must choose a facial steamer that has this feature in it.

Multiple Angled Nozzle:This feature will help you to choose the correct angle for steam outlet that will make it easier or comfortable while taking a steam.

Adding Essential oils:A steamer with a feature that allows to add some essential oils like eucalyptus that helps unblocking your chest, nose and throat.

A facial steamer with this feature will make it useful for an herbal steam.

Easy to maintain:Always consider to buy a Facial steamer that is easy to maintain and clean.

You can simply wipe it off with a soft cloth after use and should not be a hectic task.

Please Note: Before steaming at face for the first time, please let the steamer run through a full cycle with a few drops of lemon juice added into water to remove smell.

Which facial steamer is best?

Top list of best steamer

Here we have listed the best of Facial steamer that has a great user experience and now we will tell you why.

1. Dr Trust 3 in 1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

This steamer is a good potential steamer as it contains 3 in 1 Nano ionic technology. It produces strong steam instantly to clean and nourish skin in one go.

It also comes with a feature of Nano ionic tech by which the steam absorption is more efficient and fast compared to other normal steamers.

This is not just a basic but contains 3 specific features and they are:

  • Facial steam setting: This feature provides Nano ionic steam to open pores and deeper exfoliation and effective towards blackheads.

  • Humidifier setting: This Allows to add moisture into your home or room which will help you from itchy and irritated sinuses and dry skin.

  • Towel warming chamber: A hollow chamber where you can put your small towels and moisturize them and clean your face with those towels.

These 3 settings make it a perfect choice for a steamer for home use.

Heating time: It produces a consistent steam within 30s of time.

Health benefits: Device allows you to steam your blocked nose and relieves sinusitis. It could be effective to treat flu and cold by expelling out mucus from the nasal as well.

Essential oils: The steamer has a hollow design where you can add essential oil, fruits or vegetables in liquid or solid form and this feature is fantastic.

Warranty: It has a warranty of 6 months.

Water capacity: The water tank is of 200ml giving you around 15 min of steam and 30 min of humidification.

Automatic shut off: Yes it has an automatic shutdown feature.

LED switch: The switch has a LED indicator while it is turned on.

Easy to use: The device is easy to use with this much features included in this device and not so heavy and easy to port.

Noise free: This device doesn’t make unnecessary sound while being used.


It has good features that is beneficial for your health.


Price is high

Buying link:

2. HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550

This steamer is one of the bestselling steamer with advanced features.

Main Features:

Strong Nano Steam: It produces nanometer (very small sized) sized steam which has negatively charged ions resulting in 10 times effective and fast absorption.

Wide steam: Covers your entire face with a consistent and wide steam.

Healthy steam: Clears nasal passages to ease congestion and effectively relieves cough, cold, flu & bronchitis. Alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & other breathing disorders.

UV steam: A best feature is that it has a UV lamp that sterilizes the steam before releasing into the air and thus giving you a hygienic steam beneficial for your skin and nasal passage.

Safety: It is safe for children and adults as it does not sprinkle the water from the outlet and providing a safe steam.

Ease of use: It is light weighted and easily portable and easy to operate by just one button.

Automatic shut off: It comes with a feature of automatic shut off by which it automatically shut itself down after some time which is a good feature of safety.

Essential Oil: You cannot directly pour Essential oil (Eucalyptus) into the water but this product provides aroma diffuser tray with a cotton pad by which you can add few drops of Eucalyptus and put it over the outlet to use the benefits of essential oils.

Water capacity: It has a water tank of 100ml which can last upto 30 min of steam.

Heating time: Fast mist within 50s and reaches hot mist cycle in 15 min.

Noise free steam: The steamer is very quiet and does not make any noise which also is a good feature before buying this product.

Warranty: It has a warranty of 1 year.


The features discussed above make it a good choice



Water capacity is less.

HealthSense Steamer Price is 1999/-

3. Dr Trust Home spa Face/Nose Vaporiser

If you are looking for a budget specific steamer then Go for this one.

It has some basic feature that provides Warm, Moist Steam Relieves Persistent Cold & Cough

LED indication: This device has a feature of ON/OFF indicator for easy usage.

Essential Oils: You can simply use this device with essential oils.

Easy to use: This steamer is user friendly and very easy to use and port and light weighted.

Speed setting: A feature that makes it different from other steamers is that it has a two level speed setting by which you can adjust the speed of steam as per your sensitive skin.

Wide area: It covers wide area of your face and makes it more effective to clean your pores and dirt.

Noise free: It has a very less noise as compared to other basic facial steamers.

Timer option: It has a timer option which lets you customize nasal or beauty treatment and saves your electricity.


It’s not costly.

LED feature is available.


It is basic as compared to other steamer in the list.

4.Pure Nano facial steamer

Nano ionic steamer: This device also comes with a Nano ionic feature which enables this steamer to release negatively charged steam that penetrates 10x into the skin.

Water Capacity: The water tank capacity is of 200ml which can give you upto 30 min of steam.

Wide face coverage: It covers your whole face with its 360 mouth petal design.

UV protection: The Nano steam goes through an inner UV system which clean the steam and releases it in the purest way possible into your skin.

Reduce Blackheads and whiteheads: Its nano steam can soften your skin and open your pores and thus helpful in removing blackheads and whiteheads.

Automatic switch off: The device will automatically stop after every 10 min.

Heating time: The mist starts appearing after 30s when power is turned on.

Ease of use: The device is easy to use and easily portable and light weighted.

Essential oils: You can add few drops of essential oils in the water itself as it does not provide cotton pad or a chamber to add essential oils.


All its features are great.

Affordable price


No essential oil placement found.

Pure nano steamer Price is 1149/-

5. Newnik V108 steamer

Heating controller: IT includes a function to set heating condition on off/low or high according to the sensitivity of your skin.

Special design: Specially designed nasal mask for nose and face.

Water safety: Water will not sprinkle with the vapour which makes it a safe steamer that can be used for kids and adults.

Warranty: It has a warranty of 6 months.

Auto power off: This device includes an auto power off feature.

Manufacturer testing: This steamer is tested rigorously before releasing it to the consumer.

Health and beauty benefits: It provides all the health benefits (cold cough bronchitis and mucus) and beauty (relieving impurities, acne and gives a glowing face).

Essential oils: You can add essential oil into the aroma tray provided on the nozzle of the steamer using a cotton pad.

Noise free: The device doesn’t make noise while releasing steam.


Features are great.


Price is still high.


You can any of the above discussed Steamers but if you looking for a professional steamer then go for 3 in 1 or Healthsense which makes a great choice if you have a good budget but if you can’t afford these then go for spa and Newnik and PureSteamer.

If you just want a normal but good steamer for your home use under 500

Here is a small list of some best steamers for you.

We haven't discussed the features of these steamer because they all are basic steamer and are the best selling steamers in the price below Rs 500.

Thank you for reading this article We hope this may have helped in solving your query.


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