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Omron hem 7140T1 BP Monitor Review

Monitoring blood pressure is a necessity for many people's day to day life and there are so many options to buy from.

Many popular brands are competing in creating the most accurate and easy to use Bp monitors and one of the Top brands that really are doing their jobs best is the Omron.

Omron brands have been producing a variety of Bp monitors for their consumers, based on their budget and ease of use.

Accuracy of Omron Bp monitors:

They claim to have an accuracy of blood pressure: within +/- 3 mgHg or 2 percent and pulse: within +/- 5 percent of reading.

There have been many researches on testing of Omron Bp monitors and they really stand out among the good accuracy compared to many home Bp monitors.[Link to Article]

Let's talk about Omron hem 7140T1 Bp Monitor

Design and build:

The design of this bp monitor is same when we compare it to their different models of Bp monitors in the same price range.

The display is size is around 2.5 inches which is constant in their basic bp monitors.


Bluetooth Connectivity

This feature allows you to connect to Omron connect through your smart phone where you can share your Bp readings with anyone and also sync your readings to visually monitor differences using their app.

This feature is available in all their Bp monitors

Cuff wrapping guide

This is a very nice feature that will help you indicate if you are wrapping the cuff correctly or not.

Whenever you wrap the cuff around your upper arm correctly, a symbol 'OK' will appear on screen stating that you have wrapped it correctly and you are good to go for the measurement.

This feature is not available in many other bp monitors so it makes Omron a little special.

Intellisense Technology

This feature is about comfortable inflation of the cuff. In some Bp monitors the inflation goes beyond really tight around the arm which just does not feel comfortable and the accuracy is also reduced.

The Omron Intellisense feature inflates until the level where it get the best accuracy and also the person wearing the cuff is feeling comfortable and not too tight.

This is a very good feature for sensitive skin people and elderly.

Hypertension Detector

Hypertension is a term used to indicate that your blood pressure is higher than normal or more than 140/90.

For many people or mostly elderly people forget about this range while measuring from their homes. So, Omron has a feature that will show a hypertension symbol (square shape and a upward arrow mark) indicating that your bp is higher than normal and this can be used as an alert to take immediate actions preventing major risks.


This is a new feature introduced in this price range as some of Omron bp monitors does not have a Memory feature.

Memory stores your last 14 readings in the Bp monitor itself and you can view those readings and analyse the trends if needed.

These are the features that are available in Omron hem 7140T1 bp monitor.


Omron hem 7140T1 is a good Bp monitor which has a reasonable price compared to Omron Hem 7120 which is a little expensive.

As we have reviewed many Bp monitors Omron hem 7120 is a budget friendly Bp monitor compared to all Omron Bp monitors.

If we compare Omron hem 7120 with Omron hem 7140T1 then Omron 7120 does not have the memory feature but Omron hem 7140T1 does not have Irregular heartbeat detection, Body movement detection which are available in Omron 7120.


The price is reasonable and lower compared to many.

If you are looking for a budget friendly and just the right Bp monitor then you can go for it.

Buying through our links will be helpful:

Omron hem 7140T1: Buy on amazon

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