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Dr Morepen bp02 vs bp09 : Which is better?

Dr Morepen is a well known brand that has a wide variety of health related products that includes Glucometer , Blood pressure monitors etc.

Two of the most loved BP monitors from Dr Morepen are "Dr Morepen bp02 and Dr Morepen bp09" .

In this post we will look into the features of both of these BP monitors and will try to provide the best one suitable for you from these two monitors.

In terms of Accuracy they are claimed to be pulse Measurement Accuracy of ±5 and

Pressure Measurement Accuracy of ±3.

Let's Compare them with all Features:

Inflation Technology:

Both are occupied with the same Comfort or Smart Inflation Technology by Dr Morepen that avoids pain during Inflation.


Let's observe the function in both:

  • Low Battery Indicator: A battery level indicator that will blink whenever the battery is low and is helpful to replace them on time.

  • WHO Classification Indicator: It is very hard for us to remember the normal Bp level but this classification Indicator has 4 colors (Green(Normal) , Yellow(slightly High) , Orange( High) , Red (Severely High) ).This Indicator is really helpful in knowing the level of your Blood pressure.

  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection: It is the detection of heartbeat that is 25 % lower or faster compared to a normal heartbeat rhythm. A symbol of heart shape will blink whenever you have an Irregular Heartbeat.

  • Average of Last 3 Results: Both has a function to show the Average of last 3 readings.

Battery life:

The Battery life of both will last upto 2 months of regular use.


Display size of BP-09 is 62.7mm X 46.4mm while the display size of BP-02 is 60 mm X 40 mm.

The display of Bp-09 is slightly larger than Bp-02.


Both comes with the memory of 120 readings.

But the difference is that Dr Morepen BP-02 has 60 readings for 2 Users and it can be stored separately while Dr Morepen Bp-09 has 30 readings for 4 Users which are stored separately.

Cuff Size:

Dr Morepen BP-02 comes with a cuff size of 22-32 cm.

Dr Morepen BP-09 has a cuff size of 22 - 36 cm.


Dr Morepen Bp-02

Dr Morepen Bp-09

Display size

60mm X 40 mm

62.7mm X 46.4mm

Cuff size

22-32 cm

22-36 cm


120 records

120 records




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Difference between Dr Morepen bp02 and bp09

Considering all the features of both the Bp monitors the only difference in both the Bp monitors is that Dr Morepen Bp02 can be used to store results for 2 Users but in Dr Morepen Bp09 you can store results for 4 Users.

The cuff size is slightly bigger in Bp-09 compared to that of Bp-02.

The price of Bp-02 is slightly less than Bp-09.


If you have a family of 4 and everyone wants to keep their records separately than going with BP-09 could be a good choice.

The cuff size is also bigger in Bp-09 but it doesn't make a difference as normal cuff size is 22-32 cm which can fit any adult.

The display is also slightly bigger in Bp-09 but still that difference is negligible.

We would prefer you to buy Dr Morepen Bp-02 because it is slightly cheaper and provides the same features in BP-09 and many customers are satisfied by Dr Morepen Bp-02 model.

Buying through our links are helpful:

Dr Morepen BP-09 : Check on Amazon

Dr Morepen BP-02 : Check on Amazon

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