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Beurer BM 54 Bp monitor Review

Beurer is one of the good supplier of many medical devices including BP monitors and their BP monitors have a great features and their performance is also good.

In this post we will see one of the smart BP monitors of Beurer which is Beurer BM 54 and see if its worth the money or not.


Beurer BM 54


Large Display


2 x 60

Cuff size

22 to 44 cm



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In terms of Accuracy the monitor has performed well.

All the Beurer BP monitors are approved and certified by ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and they are the leading Hypertension society in Europe.

Company claims the accuracy to be +- 3mmHg in BP readings and +-5% in pulse readings.

Accuracy also depends upon how you sit and keep your posture while taking the measurement.


The cuff size is 22 to 44 cm which is considered a universal size because it will fit any arm. Most of the cuff has a size of 22 to 32 cm which is good for thin arms but for people with bigger and wider arms this cuff would not fit and they would require a bigger cuff size.


  • The main and the most important feature that is Connectivity.

  • Many BP monitors cannot connect to your phones or PC but you can connect Beurer Bm 54 via Bluetooth.

  • This BP monitor has a Bluetooth connectivity feature that will allow you to connect the monitor with your phone and you can transfer all you results into "HealthManager", an app that will store your readings.

  • The bluetooth is compatible with both IOS 10.0 and android 5.0 and above.

  • You can easily download "HealthManager" app through android and IOS play store.

  • As the bluetooth of the BP monitor connects to your smartphone it will directly transfer the readings into the app, this would help you to easily check and show it to your doctor.


This is also a great point about Beurer BM 54 BP monitor that it has a XL Display and since many Bp monitors have small display it becomes harder for anyone to view their results on the screen and for elderly people they would need help to view their results but since Beurer bm 54 has a large display and is easy to view even in the dark that makes it the best in terms of display compared to many other BP monitors.

The Display shows:

  • Date and Time.

  • Result.

  • Risk Indicator.

  • Battery Indicator

  • Alarm when reading is inaccurate


  • The BP monitor stores upto 60 memory readings that means it can store upto 60 previous measurement of one user and 60 separate readings for second user. In total the memory of the BM 54 is 120 but its divided into two and this division is helpful when there are two people taking readings using the same monitor and they can store in separate storage portal.

  • The BP monitor has a Two user function that will create a two user mode : user 1 and user 2 and you will have to select one of them and after you have taken the measurement it will store the result in user 1 and if another person is going to use the device then select user 2 and take the measurement then their measurement will be stored in user 2 and this way you can view your results in user 1 and the other person can view their previous results in user 2 and this will not create confusion.

Risk Indicator

A colored scale in made near the Display of the BP monitor and after you have taken the measurement, an arrow will appear that will point towards one of the color in the color scale.

The normal blood pressure for systolic and diastolic is 120/80 mmHg.






greater than 180

greater than 110

Seek medical attention




Seek medical attention




Regular monitoring by doctor




Regular monitoring by doctor




self monitoring


greater than 120

greater than 80

self monitoring

This color scale is helpful as it will show us if we are having a good bp level or not because many of us forget the normal level of bp and this method will let us know that the bp is in good or bad range.

Arrhythmia Detection

In simple words its called Irregular Heartbeat detection, this means that the device will detect if your heartbeat is beating in irregular way and will show a symbol of "Heart with ecg wave" showing that you have Arrhythmia. Just take another measurement and if this symbol appears many times then consult your doctor. This feature could be life saving .


The Beurer BM 54 will show average of measurements taken in 7 days of morning ( 5 am – 9 am ) and of night (6 pm – 8 pm) and also the average of all readings taken in 7 days.

Auto switch off

If you ever forget to switch off the device then you need not to worry because the bp monitor will automatically shut down after 30 seconds. This feature would save battery life and is very useful.

Warranty - The device comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Battery - The battery will last upto 200 measurements which is quite low when compared to other BP monitors in the market.

Date/Time - The device shows the date and time of the measurement taken.


Now the question is, is it worth your money? overall the product is worth the money and if you want good memory that can be used by separate people and a large display to view the results and an app that will store all your results in smartphone and these are the main things that this BP monitor is providing compared to other BP monitors and if you are looking for these features then you can surely buy Beurer BM 54 BP monitor.

Buying link- Buy on Amazon


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