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Best Air Purifier with HEPA filters for Home in India

Everyone is concerned with pollution around the world and does not get to feel the clean air even at our homes. The Air quality is reducing day by day and getting an Air purifier is becoming a need.

Why Air Purifiers are good?

Air purifiers are good for removing dust, bacteria and allergens and other pollutants. Some of them also refreshes the air with good odour.

Here we are presenting you with the best Air purifiers with HEPA filters and efficient quality air.

What are HEPA filters?

HEPA means High Efficient Particulate Air and it is said to remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns.

They are considered good for removing dust mites and tobacco smoke compared to a regular filter.

Many research( ) suggest that use of Air purifiers with HEPA filters reduced Air borne Bacterial and fungal growth.

How to choose the Best Air Purifier ?

  • Focus on the Price range of your Budget.

  • It is Important to Know the Coverage of the Air Purifier.

  • Having a HEPA filter with Activated Carbon

These are 5 Air Purifier at affordable ranges in India

Sharp AIR purifier

  1. The Air Purifier covers the region upto 320 sq ft and is good for medium sized rooms and offices.

  2. There are sensors to detect the dust level of the room and it will blink Red(Impurity) ,Orange(Medium) and Green(Clean).

  3. There are different modes of Operation.

  4. Haze : The device will work for 60 min at high speed and then will alternate between low and high speed.

  5. Auto : The device will change speed according to the Impurity present in the Air. You can select the timer at which the device should stop and it will automatically stop when the time is achieved.

  6. Sharp Air Purifier has 3 Filter to purify your room :

  • It uses a tech that produces moisture in the form of water and creates a fresh and neutralises toxic gases and inhibits harmful bacteria and also helps the skin maintain moisture while enhancing its suppleness and smoothness. You can ON/OFF this feature.

  • It comes with a Active H-14 Grade HEPA filter that traps dust and allergens upto 0.3 microns and and Carbon Filter removes bad odour from the room.

  • Lastly it has a Pre- Filter that captures particles less than 10 microns and this filter works for lifetime.


Floor Coverage : 320 sqft

Power Consumption: 31W

Warranty : 1 year

CADR : 240

Noise level : 23-53 db

Filter life: Approx. 2 years

COWAY Professional Air Purifier

  1. The Air Purifier comes with a Air Quality Monitor that will display the quality of air through indication and will automatically increase or decrease the speed of filtration based on the quality of Air.

  2. The Air Purifier covers upto 355 sq ft and CADR of 303

  3. The Device has a Filter cleaning Indicator that will blink when the Pre-Filter needs a wash.

  4. The Coway has a 3 stage Air Purification system:

  • Pre -Filter that traps the PM10 dust particles which are of 10 microns and this filter is easy to remove and wash.

  • The second Urethane Carbon filter removes bad odour and VOC's or Bacteria present in the air.

  • The Multilayered Green Anti-Virus HEPA filter prevents PM2.5 or less particles and eliminates the Virus and Allergens and most of the impurity is cleared.


Floor Coverage: 355 sq ft

CADR : 303

Power Consumption: 38W

Noise level: 22-49 db

Filter life: Approx. 1 year

Philips AC2887/20 Air Purifier

  1. Philips has a wide range of products and they focus on quality and one of its product is Air purifier which comes with 3 stages of purification

  2. It will purify the room within 10 min using its HEPA filters.

  3. The Air purifier is responsible for removing upto 0.02 microns of particles.

  4. The device covers the room upto 400 sqft.

  5. The 3 layers of protection includes a Pre filter and Active Carbon filter that captures upto 99% ultra fine particles and NanoProtect HEPA removes all allergens, pollen and bacteria.

  6. It will display the Air quality of the room in numerical and color form.

  7. It will automatically notify you when there is a need to change the filters.

  8. There are 5 levels of operation which includes:

  • Sleep : This mode will work silently and reduce the lights and noise of the device upto 19db

  • Speed (1,2,3) : This mode includes 3 levels where you can control the speed of purification and air quality.

  • Turbo: This mode will give you all control over the airflow and the speed level.


Floor coverage: 400 sq ft

Power Consumption: 56W

Noise level: 18-55 db

Filter life: Approx. 2 year

CADR: 333

MI Air Purifier 3

  1. The MI Air purifier is a Air purifier that can be used with a smartphone and also works with the Google Assistant and Alexa.

  2. The Purifier setting can be controlled using your smartphone which makes it easy to handle and change the settings.

  3. There are 3 layers of filtration which Primary filter, Active Carbon filter and True HEPA filter

  4. It comes with Air quality Indicator

  5. The area covered by the Air purifier is around 484 sq ft

  6. A Laser sensor that will detect particles upto the size of 0.1 microns and will alert you through AQI(Air Quality Index)

  7. The OLED Display shows Temperature, Humidity and Working mode

  8. There are 3 modes of operation in this Air purifier:

  • Favourite Gear: You can select the speed and set according to your wish

  • Sleep Gear: The lights of the device will go dim and noise will be reduced upto 18db

  • Automatic Gear: The Air purifier will select the settings based on the Air quality.


Floor coverage : 484 sq ft

CADR: 380

Power consumption: 38W

Noise : 32db

Filter life: 2 years

Warranty : 1 year

Dyson TP03 Air Purifier

  1. The Dyson Air Purifier is expensive compared to all the above discussed Air purifier as it is different from the other purifier.

  2. The Dyson can be controlled using Google Assistant or Alexa and your smartphone.

  3. It has 10 speed setting and captures upto 0.1 microns of particles.

  4. The Air Purifier can oscillate upto 90 degrees that ensures the Air quality and removes bacteria.

  5. It has a great function that Multiplies surrounding Air and increases the flow of Air in the room.

  6. The Night mode purifies air using the lowest setting of airflow and dim display.

  7. The Air purifier can be connected to Dyson link app which will record the air quality report of the room.

  8. The Dyson Air purifier also works as a cooling fan in the summer.

  9. The 360 degree HEPA filter with Activated Carbon filter captures all the dust particles and pet dander while purifying the room.

  10. The Bladeless fan reduces the noise level and makes it safer for children playing around it.

  11. With the voice control , it also comes with a remote control.

  12. Automatic notification for cleaning of filters.


Floor coverage : 350 sq ft

CADR: 320

Filter life: 2 years

Warranty : 2 year


These are some of the Affordable Air purifier that can be used for Home use and standard rooms

The Dyson has better functionality compared to other Air purifiers but they are expensive, The MI Air Purifier is close to Dyson and it could be a better option in overall.


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