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Accu chek SugarView : No Glucometer Needed for Checking Blood Glucose level

Accu chek has a new way to monitor Blood Glucose level and that too without using a Glucometer and just using your smartphone.

And how is that possible?.....Let's find out.

Accu chek has always released the best of the Glucometers till now and they are well known for ease of use and the accuracy of measurement.

Accu Chek SugarView Review

Accu Chek Sugar View is a Smart way created by Accu chek to check the blood glucose level without using a Glucometer device.

Is Accu Chek SugarView Accurate:

Accu chek SugarView has received the CE mark and it can be used to determine the blood glucose level range. You can read it here : Roche

And the customers are also satisfied with the results and therefore this device is considered to be a good in measuring blood glucose level.

Contents of Accu Chek SugarView:

There are three things needed in Accu chek SugarView and they are:

  • Lancing Pen and Lancets : It is used to prick your finger and unfortunately no escape from finger pricking in this also but Accu Chek softclix is one of the least painful Lancing pen.

You can read about Freestyle Libre that require no Finger pricking.

  • Test Strip: The recommended Test strips for this Glucose Monitor is Accu chek Active Test strips.

  • Color-Card : The Most Important is this Color-Card that substitutes the usage of a Glucometer and We will know more about it ahead.

  • Accu Chek SugarView App: The App will be used to Calculate your blood Glucose level range. You can download the App through Play store or IOS store.

You can get all of them together on Amazon: Accu chek SugarView

How does it Work?

Step 1: Get all the necessary things: Lancet, Lancing pen, Color-Card and test strips

Step 2: Keep everything cleaned and wash your hands

Step 3: Place the test strip inside the Color Card :

  • Invert the Color-Card facing down and then insert the test strip facing upward with the green region where the green region is at the center of the Card.

  • And the yellow region can be seen through the hole of the Color-Card front.

Step 4: Now open Accu chek SugarView app and Scan the Color-Card facing front before placing blood drop.

Step 5: Next, Prick you finger using the Lancing Pen and then put the drop of blood unto the green part of the Test strip that can be seen at the back of the Color Card.

Step 6: Wait for 3 seconds

Step 7: Lastly scan the Color-Card facing front and then observe the result.

What is the Result?

It will take 13 to 45 seconds to show the result range.

There are 6 types of color range result that the App will tell and they are:

These are the 6 color range which the Accu chek Sugar view App will show in the result.

And you will know if your blood glucose level is in Normal range or not.

Advantages of Accu Chek SugarView:

  • Easy to Travel with: They can be taken anywhere because what we need is the Color-Card that will not occupy much space compared to a Glucometer.

  • Smart App:

    • You can save and share all your results in the SugarView App and also the app will guide you in many ways from diet to exercise

    • You can view Daily, Weekly and Monthly trends of your results

    • Set different goals and reminders too.

  • Cheap: This product is cheaper compared to other Glucometers.

Disadvantages of Accu Chek SugarView:

  • They do not show the correct measurement of your Blood Glucose level which may not be suitable for many diabetic people.

  • This device cannot be used by people with Insulin - dependent because it will give incorrect measurements in such conditions.


This is one of the simple way to determine glucose level range and will be good for people who want to keep their blood glucose level in range as the SugarView App also guides you very well.

This is worth buying for prediabetics and type 2 Diabetics people but if someone needs correct measurement and not just the range then purchasing a glucometer is better.

You can buy on Amazon: Accu Chek SugarView

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