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Best Glucometer Without Pricking finger in India

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Every Diabetic person knows the pain while pricking their finger to check their sugar level and this pain increases when we use the same finger many times to prick some blood and since the amount of blood also matters to check the sugar level we have to prick the needle much harder.

Children face much problems compared to adults and this is very much concerning for parents too but there are some of the blood glucose monitor that allows you to check your blood glucose without pricking your finger and one of them is available in India, Freestyle Libre.

About Freestyle Abott

This company focuses on CGM or Continuous Glucose Monitor and their device is Freestyle libre.

The accuracy of the libre sensor is quite good and their has been some papers supporting about its accuracy and according to them they have performed well in that.

You can read this: Freestyle Accuracy

Many customers are happy with the accuracy it provides.

Who can use Freestyle Libre?

  • Children who are older than 4.

  • All adults can use this Glucometer.

  • People with Diabetes Type 1 and 2.

About the sensor:

The sensor is waterproof and you do not have to worry about it while taking a shower or in rain but more than 30 minutes in water can alter the functionality of the sensor.

You have to punch the sensor into your upper arm and you can use the sensor for 14 days straight and After 14 days you will have to buy another sensor. While applying the sensor you may feel some pain but many customers didn't feel any pain when they inserted the sensor.

You have to scan every 8 hours to keep the sensor working because after 8 hours the sensor will stop taking any reading and after you scan using the reader, the sensor start the timeline again.

How to apply the sensor:

You will be provided with a applicator in the box which will have the sensor in it and you just have to press near your upper arm and it will be applied successfully.

Freestyle libre
Image source:

Now you don't have to worry about the pain and won't have to waste any time in pricking your finger and applying it on a glucometer to get the results but with a scan using the reader you will get all the readings you want.

About the Reader:

The reader is the main thing which keeps all your records and shows you the trends and other useful data that can be used to keep your blood sugar level in normal range.

The reader stores data of 90 days only.

It will show you the trends or the graphical representation of how and when your glucose level is rising or declining which can be used to take better prevention measures.

And you will know what things are affecting your blood glucose level.

So, you are saving 1000 test strips if you use this CGM compared to a traditional glucometer because it measures your Blood sugar level throughout the whole day and the approx. number of measurements it takes is more than 1440 in a day on its own according to the company

So, you are saving 1000 test strips worth money if you use this CGM instead of a normal glucometer.

Another feature it offers is Time in Range:

Freestyle libre
Image source:

This feature tells you about how much time your blood glucose level was in normal range and when it was above or below the normal range.

This also helps you to analyze your lifestyle and understand how different food and exercise affect your glucose level.

You have to scan every 8 hours to keep the sensor take continuous readings.

This meter can also work without its sensor and you can check your blood glucose level using the Freestyle Glucose strips which are blue in color and you have to buy them separately and this Glucose Meter also checks your Ketone level which not many glucometers can do but you need Ketone strips which are pink in color, to check ketone level.

So, You can purchase Glucose strips and Ketone strips with the Freestyle libre :

Freestyle optimum Neo H : Glucose strips and Ketone strips

You can set alarms or reminders in the Reader to scan the sensor on time and you can scan even through the clothes which is also a good point about this Glucometer.

Why you should Buy Freestyle over other Normal Glucometers:

  • In one scan you can get the results

  • It shows the trends and graph to understand your results

  • It saves Time.

  • You don't have to carry test strips

  • Sensor is waterproof and you don't have to prick your finger to get the results.

  • Using Time range you can understand how food and other activities affect your Glucose level.

  • You can check Ketone levels too.

What are the cons of Freestyle Libre:

  • It is expensive and you have to buy the next sensor within 14 days of use.

  • The accuracy is delayed as it is taking the measurement from the upper arm and not directly from the blood.

So, If you have made a decision to buy this Glucometer then you should also consider buying one of these to protect the sensor from getting damage from external dust or pressure:

1.ArmBand for protecting the sensor:

You can buy this Armband that you can attach to your upper hand to protect the sensor but sometimes it can be uncomfortable to wear the Band for longer duration.

But you can consider Patch over the Armband.

2. Patch for the sensor:

This is the patch which you can attach over the sensor to protect it from dust and this is much comfortable for many people compared to the Armband.

Should you buy Freestyle Libre ?

  • If you have no time to take measurement

  • Pricking your finger is very painful

  • You cannot carry all the test strips and the glucometer with yourself while you are travelling

  • It can be considered value for money as you invest one time for the reader but you will have to change the sensor after 14 days.

You can buy Freestyle Libre if you face these problems and buying through our links would be helpful.

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