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5 Best Smart Glucose Meters(Bluetooth) in India 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

As the world is getting smarter, the glucometers are also evolving to become a smart device for the consumers and it is important for every diabetic person to check their blood glucose level frequently and this is possible if you have a smart glucometer.

A smart Glucometer could mean that it should be easy to use and should be able to transfer all the results in your smartphone that means it should have a Bluetooth function to do that and the Glucometers shared in this post are all capable of doing this making them a smart glucometer.

Why you should buy a smart Glucometer?

  • If you travel often.

  • If you live alone.

  • If you can’t analyse your results manually.

  • If you want to view results in your smartphone.

Accu chek Guide Glucometer

This is one of the Latest Glucometer by Accu chek (one of the bestselling brand) which has an accuracy of more than 95% and is mainly focused for ease of use.

It has a smartpack that makes you easy to take your test strips without spilling others.

It has an ejector button to directly eject test strip after use and maintaining Hygiene and saving time.

Shows results within 4 seconds which is very fast.Your results are stored directly into their mySugr app (you have to download in your smartphone).

It has a strip port light that lets you take measurement even in the dark.

Automatic switch off after use and averages of your results are shown for the 7, 14, 30 and 90 days.

Blood volume required is very low upto 0.6µl and Memory of 720 measurements.

Overall the Glucometer is best to use for daily measuring of blood glucose level.

If you are looking for only accu chek Glucometer then Check this post Which Accu chek Glucometer is Best

BeatO smart Glucometer Kit

This glucometer is mainly designed to use wherever you want as they are smaller compared to any glucometer in the market.

They require no batteries because they charge themselves when connected with your smartphone and this saves your time and money upto some extent.

You just need to insert the Glucometer into your smartphone’s charging port and its ready to use.

The BeatO app is great and is really helpful for any diabetic person to track their results and it has a AI technology that predicts your upcoming results and warns you with alerts and this can be lifesaving.

Directly connects to your saved contacts if your blood glucose level is out of range.

Blood Sample required is about 0.6µl and memory of 4000 measurements.

There are two types based on the smartphone you use :

Normal port Check on Amazon

Type-C port Check on Amazon

Read more about BeatO here BeatO Glucometer Review

One touch Verio flex

This glucometer is designed for ease of use and it is best for any age person or even for people who are starting out with diabetes.

With usual reading, It uses a color technology to indicate the range of your blood glucose level that is in normal range it will be green and in high it will be red and this is good for people who can’t remember normal level of glucose and also prevents misinterpretation.

Their app will also help out to track all your results and allows storing them on your computer or laptop.

You results occur within 5 seconds time and you can share all your readings with your loved ones or your doctor for better medication.

Contour plus One Glucometer

This glucometer is also one of best smart Glucometer and this is also made for ease of use and its small in size compared to many Glucometers and this allows this glucometer to be carried anywhere.

Testing time is about 5 seconds and the Blood sample required is around 0.6µl.

It has a feature called second chance sampling that allows test strip to be used again if at first time it was not inserted properly and this saves your time and an extra test strip.

This has color technology that shows color (Green, red and yellow) according to your results.

Stores upto 800 results and connecting with your smartphone allows you to directly transfer the result into the smartphone after Glucometer is used.

Its app is great and is user friendly with pattern and charts and sharing function.

Read more here in Detail Contour plus One Review

Accu chek Instant Glucometer

This is also a Bluetooth enabled Glucometer and is cheaper than Accu chek Guide and its performance is great.

This Glucometer also has a color indicator for easy understanding of the results that is Green for normal, Red for low and Blue for High level of Blood glucose level.

The result is shown within 4 seconds of time which is very fast and the memory of the Glucometer is 720 measurements.

You can transfer all your results into mySugr app using the Bluetooth function or you can also transfer the results using USB to your computer (in Accu chek portal Online).

The Glucometer automatically power off within 15 seconds after use.

You can also view your average results of 7, 14, 30 and 90 days in the Glucometer.

And some more features that are available in every Accu chek meter.

Read more here Accu chek

Freestyle Libre

If Money is not a barrier for you then Freestyle libre is the best Glucometer you can purchase.

This Glucometer does not require you to prick your finger for testing and you don’t need to buy a test strip for blood sampling as all is done through the Libre sensor.

You have to insert the libre sensor unto the side of your arm. And you have to just hover or scan your phone or the Reader provided by the Abott Company over the sensor and you will directly see your blood glucose level on the phone or your Reader.

The last 8 hours of data and a trend arrow indicating if glucose is going up, down or staying steady.

This is a continuous monitoring Glucose meter.

A painless way to check your Glucose level and saves time over using test strips and lancets.


The Glucometers shared here are all good choices for home use and you can select any one of them for you or your loved ones and you won't be disappointed.


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