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Contour Plus one Glucometer Review : Best Glucometer ?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Glucometer is one of the requirement of every diabetic person and it becomes difficult to choose the best glucometer for you as there are many that provides the best features in the market.

In this post we have reviewed one of the best Glucometer that is Contour Plus one.

Now what concerns most of the people before Buying a Glucometer is its Accuracy,

and Contour plus one has exceeded the minimum accuracy requirements of the ISO 15197:2013 standard.

So one problem is solved and customer feedback is also great about its Accuracy.

The second problem is ease of keeping the Glucometer. As many glucometer are not small and you may find it difficult to use it while travelling but Contour plus one is really small in size and lightweight as compared to other Glucometers and this makes it easy to use in travel and keep them in your bags.

Now since it fulfills the main two concern of the people then let’s check out its features which definitely will make you buy one now.

Lancing Device

And the lancing device (Microlet) used by Contour plus One is one of those lancing devices that have been known to cause less pain while finger picking. So this is also a good point to consider this to buy.

Test strips

The price of the Test strip is a bit expensive but is affordable as compared to the Best Glucometers.


No coding required:

You can use the device as soon as it gets out of the box and you don’t have to manually code or face issues like error coding.

Testing Time:

The time taken for the Glucometer is about 5 seconds that saves your time as compared to some Glucometers in the Market.

Blood Sample:

It requires around 0.6µl of your blood sample on the test strip to show your results.

Second chance Sampling:

Now the Best part comes which saves your time and money and this feature is not available in top Glucometers also.

Second Sampling helps you to insert your test strip again if the required blood sample is not enough.

But in many Glucometer you may have to discard the test strip and use another test strip if blood sample is not enough that means for one test two strips are used up.

But in Contour plus One you can use the test strip again as soon as the Glucometer shows not enough blood sample symbol and this saves your next strip and also time.

The problems solved by this methods according to the users:

  • No frustration of re- Lancing or finger pricking.

  • Saves test strip.

  • Accuracy is maintained even if used the same test strip the next time.

Smart Light

Many people find problems to judge if their blood glucose level is in the correct range or they forgot about what is the normal range of a blood glucose level.

This is solved by Contour plus one as it has a Smart Light feature that allows you to view if your blood glucose level is in which range.

After you take the measurement and as soon as your result is shown in the display a light blinks based on your result.

If your level is above normal range then a Yellow light will show up or if it is in the Normal range then a Green light will show up or if it is below target range then red light will show up.

You can even edit the Normal range using their Contour plus App.

This feature has helped many users to:

  • Think quickly about what their result is.

  • Helped them easily identify or interpret their result.


The Glucometer stores upto 800 results in its memory which is really good in this price range and compared to many other best Glucometers.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Now you can connect this Glucometer with your Smart phone while you take the measurement and it automatically stores your results into the Contour app inside your Phone. It directly sync with your mobile phone.


You can also set Meal markers for better observation of your blood glucose levels and there are three types of markers in this Glucometer:

  • Fasting Meal Marker For testing your blood glucose after about 8 hours without eating.

  • Before-meal Meal Marker For testing your blood glucose within 1 hour before a meal.

  • After-meal Meal Marker For testing your blood glucose within 2 hours after the first bite of a meal.

This feature will make it easy for you to check Fasting and Normal blood glucose level.

Features of the App

The app not only stores your result but it does much more than that.

It has a My pattern section which helps to identify the trends in your blood glucose results and send notification of potential causes and this can alert you about the next step you can take to avoid the risk(Only discuss and take advice from your Doctor).

Easy to share: And it also allows you to share your results directly to others or your Doctor so that they can view your results better and this will help them to guide you about better medication and diet.

Other Best Features:

You are alerted if your test results are high or low that means visually you are alerted by the smart lights feature and also by sound through your glucometer. So, this is really helpful.

You can also Set Reminders or audible alerts for your next test that means you can set alarms so that you don’t forget to take the test on time.

Weekly summaries are shown in the app to give you a overview of your blood glucose levels.

Note :CONTOUR meters will display blood glucose measurements in either mmol/L or mg/dL, depending on your country’s standard metric.


  • Cheap and affordable.

  • Many features available.

  • Test strip can be used again if blood sample on the test strip is not enough.

  • Saves time and money.


  • Batteries die fast.

How to use Contour plus One:

  • Lance your finger using Lancing pen.

  • Insert the test strip with the gray square end facing the meter (this will automatically turn on the meter).

  • Immediately add blood to the test strip.

  • Your result is displayed (after marking as fasting, before / after meal or no note).


In this price range Contour plus One is really a good Glucometer and it provides features comparable to those expensive Glucometers in the market and also gives accurate results.

So,if you want to buy a Glucometer that is cheap and provides good features and is easy to keep and travel with then you can go for this Glucometer.

Contour Plus One Buy on Amazon

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