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Accu chek Guide vs Accu chek Instant Glucometer

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Accu chek Glucometers are one of the most accurate and user friendly Glucometers in the market.

Their brand has build a good trust with their customers and have provided the best glucometers they can.

In this article we have compared Accu chek Instant Glucometer with Accu chek Guide Glucometer.

Accu chek Instant:

  • This device has a visual color printed onto the side of the screen of the Glucometer and when you measure your Blood glucose level an arrow mark in the screen will point towards one of the region of colors printed on the side of screen to tell you if your level is low (Red), normal (Green) or High (Blue).

  • Your test result ad your averages (7/30/90 days) are visible on the meter.

  • Display is made of LCD backlit that allows to get clear view and readability in low light or night.

  • And you have to drop the blood at the end of the test strip on the yellow region and this seems easier as compared to Accu chek active where you have to apply the blood In the middle of the strip.

  • The blood sample required is 0.6-1μl

  • You can upload all your results through Bluetooth to mySugr app or through USB into your Computer (in Accu chek portal Online).

  • Shows the result within 4 seconds and the meter stores upto 720 results.

  • Automatic power off in 90 seconds after you view the test result or 15 seconds after you remove test strip.

  • The weight of the meter is around 40g.

Accu chek Guide:

  • The latest Accu chek glucometer which is more user friendly and has more features.

  • It has a Smartpack that lets you keep your Test strips and pick one easily without spilling the others.

  • You don’t have to take the test strip out with your hand and make your hands dirty but with one button you can directly push out the test strip from the Glucometer into waste and this ensures hygiene and easy disposal.

  • The display is great for viewing in day or night and it also has strip port light which helps you in putting the test strip in the right direction in night.

  • The results are automatically logged into the mySugr app and you can track your previous results in the app but the meter only shows the last reading and averages and all the other results in the app.

  • It has a Pattern detector that detects high or low patterns in blood glucose levels related to specific meals, bedtime and fasting which helps you in judging your specific overall results in specific time(meal ,bedtime or fasting) and this is only available in Guide Glucometer and is a great feature.

  • Memory is 720 results and the result appears in 4 seconds.

  • And it automatically switches on when you insert the strip and shuts down automatically after 15 seconds after you take out the strip.

  • Blood volume required is very low upto 0.6µl.

  • You can view the average test results of 7 14 30 and 90 days in the Glucometer.

  • Data can be transferred through Bluetooth.

  • You can enable beep tone for alerts and warnings.

  • Weight of the Glucometer is 40 g.

Comparison Accu chek Guide vs Accu chek Instant:


Accu chek Guide

Accu chek Instant


LCD back lit

LCD back lit

Test time

4 sec

4 sec

Blood sample





Bluetooth & USB




Automatic Power off

15 sec

15 sec




All the features are almost same as you can see in the above table and the only difference in both the Glucometer is that Accu chek Instant can connect using both Bluetooth and USB but Accu chek Guide can only be connected to your PC or mobile through Bluetooth.

And one more feature that makes Accu chek Instant better is that it comes with color printed onto the side of the glucometer and when result appears on the screen, an arrow will point towards one of the color and will help you to understand if your blood glucose level is high, normal or low and this is not available in Accu chek Guide.

Accu chek Guide contains beeps and alarms which is a good point for people who wants to check blood glucose level on time.

Accu chek Guide has strip ejector that is not available in Accu chek Instant.


Both the Glucometers are a good choice and both have the Bluetooth function.

Accu chek Instant is cheaper compared to Accu chek Guide but both are almost similar in features and performance.

So, Accu chek Instant could be a better budget friendly for a glucometer over Accu chek Guide.

Buying link:

Accu chek Instant Check on Amazon

Accu chek Guide Check on Amazon

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