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Accu chek Active vs Accu chek Guide Glucometer

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Accu chek is a brand of good trust with their customers and their accuracy model of every glucometer is also good.

One of the latest model of Accu chek is Accu chek Guide and the oldest model is Accu chek Active which is still everyone's favorite glucometer.

But still many people confuse to choose the one they need and in this you will find out which could be the best for you or your loved ones.

Accu chek Active:

  • You have to apply the blood drop in the middle of the test strip on the green color area to get the correct result. And it takes about 5 seconds to show the result.

  • It alerts you when you are underdose(less blood drop applied to the test strip) or test strip is not applied correctly and you can re-dose after 10 seconds and this ensures you get the accurate results.

  • Blood sample required is about 1 to 2µl.

  • Display is large for easy viewing of your results and it takes about 5 seconds to show the result.

  • The device has 2 buttons to control the settings of date and time and viewing results.

  • You can set post and pre meal marker and also postprandial reminder to let you take the test on time.

  • You can view the result averages of 7 14 30 and 90 days.

  • You can manually transfer the result using USB into your Computer and keep the history of your results.

  • Memory upto 500 test results.

  • Battery can last upto 1000 tests or 1 year if not used all the time.

  • Weight is 50g

Accu chek Guide:

  • This meter can be used for continuous operation

  • The latest Accu chek glucometer which is more user friendly and has more features.

  • It has a Smartpack that lets you keep your Test strips and pick one easily without spilling the others.

  • You don’t have to take the test strip out with your hand and make your hands dirty but with one button you can directly push out the test strip from the Glucometer into waste and this ensures hygiene and easy disposal.

  • The display is great for viewing in day or night and it also has strip port light which helps you in putting the test strip in the right direction in night.

  • The results are automatically logged into the mySugr app and you can track your previous results in the app but the meter only shows the last reading and averages and all the other results in the app.

  • It has a Pattern detector that detects high or low patterns in blood glucose levels related to specific meals, bedtime and fasting which helps you in judging your specific overall results in specific time(meal ,bedtime or fasting) and this is only available in Guide Glucometer and is a great feature.

  • Memory is 720 results and the result appears in 4 seconds and it automatically switches on when you insert the strip and shuts down automatically after 15 seconds after you take out the strip.

  • Blood volume required is very low upto 0.6µl and You can view the average test results of 7 14 30 and 90 days in the Glucometer.

  • Data can be transferred through Bluetooth.

  • You can enable beep tone for alerts and warnings.

  • Weight of the Glucometer is 40 g.

Comparison Accu chek Active vs Accu chek Guide:


Accu Chek Active

Accu chek Guide


LCD backlit





Test time

5 sec

4 sec

Blood sample










The Accu chek Guide comes with LCD backlit that is easy to see even in low light or at night but Accu chek Active comes with LCD which is a normal screen and good to view but you will get better view of results in Accu chek Guide.

Test Time

Accu chek Active will show the results in 5 seconds whereas Accu chek guide will show the results in 4sec.

There is only one second difference which is negligible but still Accu chek guide is faster than Accu chek active.


You can store 720 results in Accu chek guide but only 500 results in Accu chek Active.

That is you get more memory in Accu chek guide compared to Active.


This makes Accu chek guide the best compared to Accu chek active as it contains Bluetooth connectivity and you can view your results in mySugr app and it show your patterns of results and many more things to judge your improvement.

Accu chek Active is basic Glucometer and you can transfer your results to your PC using a USB cord when the space in the Glucometer is filled.


The more blood you take the more pain you suffer from.

Accu chek Active requires 1-2µl of blood to provide you with accurate results but Accu chek Guide will give you accurate result in 0.6µl of blood sample.

So, if you want to save blood then Accu chek Guide could be a better option.


If you are looking for smart glucometer that connects to your phone and you can easily see your previous results and want to save blood then Accu chek Guide is the best option to buy.

If your budget is less and you just want to check your Blood glucose level and don't want much features then Accu chek Active is a better option.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

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