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BeatO smart Glucometer review: Is it the best?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Diabetes is a major concern for many people and it becomes a hectic job to measure and monitor glucose level by keeping a Glucometer always with you.

And this problem is solved by BeatO glucometer that is small in size that works with your smartphone.

The best part is that it display your result on your smartphone and does not have its own screen making it simpler to use and keep in your bags or use them while travelling.

This Glucometer has many benefits if you look into its features:


The accuracy of BeatO glucometer is around +/-15 that means the glucometer will show 10 to 15 points difference compared to lab tests.

The accuracy of BeatO is less as compared to other glucometers in the market which provide around +/-10% difference.

But this Glucometer is ISO certified which ensures that this glucometer is safe for customer use.

No Battery:

It’s amazing that BeatO glucometer doesn’t need Batteries or any kind of charging to power as compared other glucometers where you need to change the batteries often and it cost you time and money but it is saved in BeatO glucometer as it is powered by your smartphone when you connect to it.


As said earlier this glucometer is very small and light weighted that you can carry anywhere in the waterproof pouch provided with the Glucometer kit.

No coding:

Coding is not required and you can use the Glucometer as it is without much efforts.

Test strips:

The test strips are easy to use and their price is around 12 to 14 Rs per strips which is affordable and cheap compared to some of the Glucometers in the market.

BeatO app:

You have to download an app that stores your results and organise your readings in the log book in the app.

The features of the app is great:

  • It provides chart and trends or graphs of your sugar level readings that can help you analyse your sugar level better

  • It provides high and low level alert if your result is not in the normal levels.

  • They are automatically shared with your two saved contacts (your Doctor or loved ones) if your sugar level is out of normal range which can be really helpful for your safety.

  • Color based results in your app that helps you view your results in an easy way.

  • AI based system in the app that guides you through alerts and charts to help in your diabetic life.

  • You can set reminders and add notes like fasting sugar or pre and post meal readings over your results.

  • This app also predicts your HbA1c based on your sugar levels but it doesn’t mean that it is accurate.

So in short their app is a real help for diabetic people and they also provide Call Support to guide you better.

The app needs internet connection to work properly.


The glucometer has a memory of 4000 tests which is much better than many glucometers.

Result time:

It takes around 5 seconds to show your result.

Blood Sample:

You need to drop around 0.6µl to measure your blood glucose level.


It is really an affordable glucometer and also the test strips are cheap as compared to other glucometers.


  • No battery

  • Great app

  • All the features


  • Sometimes doesn’t connect properly


The BeatO Glucometer is budget friendly and easily portable and with its BeatO app it provides good features for you.This glucometer is specifically designed to use with a smartphone and is preferred by many customer for its compact size and ease of use.

They have two types of Glucometer :

BeatO Glucometer with Type C USB Buy on Amazon

BeatO Glucometer with normal USB Buy on Amazon

Buy according to the type of phone you use.

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