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Best Lancing device for painless and effective use

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Lancing device is a necessity for people with diabetes as they have to regularly check their blood glucose level because lancing device helps in pricking their finger so that single blood drop can be used on the test strip of the Glucometer.

When you buy a Glucometer, you get a lancing device with it but most of the lancing device appears to be painful and does not produce enough blood for measurement to the user or are damaged within months.

In here we have shared some of the least painful and best lancing device for your health.

What is a Lancing device?

It is a device which requires lancets (the needle) that is inserted into the lancing which then is used to gently prick your finger.

Things to remember while buying lancing device:

  • Lancets (you need to buy them regularly).

  • Gauge: Lancets comes with different gauge setting that means the width of metal point or the needle. 28 gauge lancet makes bigger hole as compared to 30 gauge lancet that is the bigger the gauge the lesser the hole.

  • Some people prefer higher gauge as they are less painful but it is harder to extract drop of blood in higher gauge lancets.

What to do before using lancing?

You should wash your hands with warm water to remove dirt and food residues and let your hands dry and shake your hand vigorously that will help in blood supply in your fingers then you can use the lancing device on your finger.

Which finger is best for pricking?

According to WHO, you should prick either your middle or ring finger for good results and avoid little finger for pricking.

And you should prick from the sides of the finger not at the tip because there are less nerve endings at the side as compared to the tip of the finger.

Always remember that lancets (needles) are one time use only.

How to use Lancing device effective and painless:

  • Using same lancets many times can be painful so use it for once only then discard it.

  • Using high depth setting which can cause deep pricking of finger and causing more pain.

Average Depth setting according to skin type:

  • 1 to 2 depth for thin skin

  • 3 to 4 depth for average skin

  • 5 to 6 depth for thick skin

Discarding Lancets and test strips:

You should immediately discard a lancet or test strip after use and it should not be used by other person. So, discard them safely in a container which you can buy from amazon (US) and amazon (IN).

Let’s look into the best lancing devices:

Globally these are the lancing pens that are least painful.

Accu chek Lancing Device

Accu chek tops the position of less painful and easy to use (1) as in a study more than 60% people rated accu chek as least painful.

  • Accu chek Softclix and Fastclix is a good choice and they have upto 11 depth settings.

  • Fastclix has a drum by which you can load 6 lancets together so that you don’t have to carry extra lancets with you and load them again and again

  • Only compatible with its own lancets.

Buying Links:

Accu chek softclix Check on Amazon

Accu chek fastclix Check on Amazon

OneTouch Delica Lancing Device

  • Second place or comparable to Accu chek in least painful ranks OneTouch Delica (2)

  • The depth settings is 7

  • But it is small in size which makes it easier to carry around.

Buying link:

OneTouch Delica Check on Amazon

Microlet Lancing Device

  • 5 depth settings

  • Silicon lancets that ensures less pain as the Lancets are at 30 Gauge setting by which they are very thin and they ensure less pain.

Buying link:

Microlet Device Check on Amazon

Freestyle Lancing Device

  • Easy and smooth

  • 4 different depth settings

  • Comfort zone tech which reduces pain.

Buying link:

Freestyle device Check on Amazon

Many of these are not available in India but above discussed lancing pens can be shipped to India but there will be problems in buying lancets.

So, here we have taken the best lancing devices in India.

The best lancing device in India are:

Accu chek softclix

Accu chek softclix is available in India and is a great choice as a lancing device for everyone as it is least painful and easy to use

This is available in India

Buying link:

Softclix Check on Amazon

Meidiva Lancing Device

  • 6 depth settings

  • Customer feedback is good

  • Compatible with many lancets

Buying link:

Control D Lancing device

  • 5 depth settings

  • It works with round lancets and most of the lancets available

  • It has a Comfortable grip and Internal vibration control system.

Buying link:

Control D Check on Amazon

Ambitech Lancing Device

  • Compatible for universal lancets

  • 5 level depth settings

  • The ambitech lancets can be used for other lancing devices too.

Buying link:

Ambitech Check on Amazon

These are some that are available in India but there aren’t much information about these brands so the safe choice would be accu chek but if want to go cheaper you can choose these lancing devices.


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