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Best Wrist blood pressure Monitors India: Reviews and Buying Guide

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Wrist blood pressure monitors are on the rise and competing with the traditional upper arm blood pressure monitors as they are smaller and more easy to use compared to the upper arm bp monitors.

People are taking interest in these blood pressure monitors but if you concerned about upper arm bp monitor and wrist bp monitor or which you should consider to buy then check this post.

In this we have discussed the Best Wrist bp monitors that you should choose now for you or your loved ones as these are the best ones in the market ranking for the Best Wrist Bp monitors.

There are some Factors you should know before buying any Blood pressure Monitors:


The Accuracy of the Blood pressure monitor should be more than 90% and accurate readings helps us to measure the correct systolic and diastolic pressure which is important in checking blood pressure and interpret correct medications.


The Blood pressure monitor should take less time to measure your blood pressure and mainly it should be less than 1 minute.


The blood pressure monitor should include some features like High pressure Indicator or Body movement error indicator to make it easy for you to view your results.

Let's check out Which Wrist blood pressure monitors in India

Omron 6232t Bp Monitor

This bp monitor is best suitable for people with wrist circumference ranging from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

It shows an OK symbol if your cuff is wrapped correctly.

It can be used by two people and their results are stored separately.

The bp monitor has a memory of 100 measurements per user that is 200 in total.

This wrist blood pressure monitor takes the measurement silently and without noise as compared to other bp monitors that makes some noise while taking the measurement.

Hypertension symbol: It appears if your systolic blood pressure is 135 mmHg or above and/or the diastolic blood pressure is 85 mmHg or above and alerts you to taking the right step beforehand.

Irregular Heartbeat symbol appears if your pulse rate is irregular and alerts you in consulting your doctor.

The meter shows the Average of the last three readings taken within 10 minutes span and this average reading ensures a more precise value of your blood pressure.

So in total it tracks your result in the best way possible that helps your doctor to consult you better medication.

You can transfer your data through Bluetooth which is only available in this brand.

Overall this is the Best Bp monitor for you.

And you can read the comparison of Omron 6232t and 6161 in detail Wrist bp monitors


  • Irregular Heartbeat detection

  • Movement detection

  • Hypertension indicator

  • Bluetooth transfer

  • Memory of 100 results


  • Nothing

Beurer BC28 Bp Monitor

This wrist blood pressure monitor is good in terms of price and the features it provides in this price range.

It has a Risk indicator that will indicate you if you have any risk related to your blood pressure and will help you take precaution before anything happens.

It also has an arrhythmia indicator which means it will detect if you have irregular heartbeat or your pulse is irregular and this feature is also helpful in measuring your blood pressure.

It has a memory of 60 measurement that means you can store upto 60 results in this device and you don’t have to manually write them down.

One Feature is amazing that it can be used by two people that is you will have an option to select 2 user and the bp monitor will save separate results in it. So since it can be used by two people it has a total memory of 120 because 60 for one and other 60 for the second user. So, this feature saves time and money.

The wrist cuff circumference is from 14 to 19.5 cm that means people whose wrist circumference between this ranges can use this device.

And it has an incorrect usage message that warns you if you have taken bp measurement incorrectly and this could help you from getting inaccurate readings.

IT automatically switch off after the measurement is taken that saves energy and time.

You can view average results of morning and evening upto 7 days.

The Display is LCD screen that makes it easy to view your results and warranty of 5 years.


  • 2 x 60 Memory

  • Easy-to-read LCD Screen

  • Powers-off automatically

  • Irregular heartbeat indicator

  • Low battery indicator


  • Cuff circumference is less

Omron 6161 Bp Monitor

This bp monitor is best suitable for people with wrist circumference ranging from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

The memory is upto 30 readings.

This is the wrist blood pressure monitor that is cheaper than the others and comes with basic feature to assist your bp monitoring.

The device is easy to use and comfortable with only some and necessary features.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection This detects if you have an irregular heartbeat or pulse rate and

Hypertension Indicator It has a Hypertension Indicator that alerts you if systolic is higher than 165 mmHg or diastolic less than 85 mmHg.

Cuff Wrapping Guide It comes with this feature that shows a symbol of “OK” if you have wrapped your Cuff correctly on your wrist.

You cannot view dates or time of your result.


  • Irregular Heartbeat detection

  • hypertension Indicator

  • Cuff wrapping Guide


  • Memory is 30 results only

  • Cannot view date and time

Vandeley Bp Monitor Bp Monitor

Large LCD display that is easy to view and the bp monitor can be used by two people that is their results can be stored separately.

The memory of the bp monitor is around 99 per user that is 198 in total.

It will display the average of last three readings which also helps to view the results in a better way.

The wrist cuff is easy to wrap and comfortable and with one press of the bp monitor’s button it will start taking the readings.

It has an irregular heartbeat detection that is very useful in managing your pulse rate.

Lightweight and is easy to keep while travelling.

No warranty is provided by the brand.


  • Lightweight

  • Anti-dust material

  • Irregular heartbeat detection


  • No warranty

Rossmax Bp Monitor

One of the leading companies in health industry and also has one of the best wrist bp monitor and gives clinical accurate results.

It also has a feature that allows two user to measure their blood pressure and it is stored separately by the bp monitor.

The memory of the bp monitor is around 90 per user and that makes it 180 in total.

It is lightweight and easy to use with one press of a button.

It can be used by people with wrist of 24 to 36cm.

Warranty of 2 years is provided by the company.


  • Latex-free patented cone cuff

  • Smart sense technology


  • Not for children


The Best out of all these is Omron hem 6232t which is quite expensive but is filled with many features which makes it really easy to use and the only wrist bp monitor which allows data to be transferred through Bluetooth. So, we would recommend this for you.

If you are going to buy a really basic Bp monitor then Omron hem 6161 could be a good choice as it is just for normal checking of blood pressure.

Beurer BC28 is a budget bp monitor that is easy to use and some features are added to this blood pressure monitor.

Vandeley and Rossmaxx are also good bp monitor that includes storage option and 2 user option which makes it ahead of Omron hem 6161 and they are cheap as compared to the others.

Now its your choice which one to buy for you or your loved ones.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

Omron Hem 6232t : Buy on Amazon

Beurer BC28: Buy on Amazon

Omron Hem 6161: Buy on Amazon

Vandeley : Buy on Amazon

Rossmaxx : Buy on Amazon

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