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Best Omron Wrist monitor in India?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Here we have reviewed the best Omron wrist monitors for you to divide which one to buy.

Wrist monitors are getting popular as they are much easier to use and provide good amount of features and are smaller and lightweight compared to arm blood pressure monitors.

Wrist blood pressure monitor is much helpful for those who are obese and elderly patients.

Are Omron wrist monitors accurate?

Yes,they are.

Their all bp monitors are clinically validated including Wrist blood pressure monitors and meet the highest standards of precision and reliability from trusted organisations such as AAMI or ESH.

The Accuracy of Omron HEM 6161 6181 and 6232t is around Pressure of ±3 mmHg Pulse of ±5% of display reading.

People complain about Accuracy of the bp monitor without even knowing how to correctly take the measurement. So it’s our request that you follow these guidelines to get an accurate result:

  • No Activities: Stay rested for 5 minutes before taking the measurement and do nothing but keep calm.

  • Incorrect posture: Maintain a correct body posture while taking the measurement

  • Incorrect Cuff: Use the cuff correctly and use the appropriate cuff size for you.

  • Time of Measurement: Always measure at the same time every day to judge your result and get accurate track of your health.

If you have common arrhythmia such as atrial or ventricular premature beats or atrial fibrillation; arterial sclerosis; poor perfusion; diabetes; pregnancy; pre-eclampsia or renal disease then you should consult your doctor before buying a Wrist bp monitor.

And also not for Diabetic patients.

Technology behind comfortable measurement:

The blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. When the cuff inflates, this monitor senses the pressure pulsations of the artery underneath the cuff. The pulses are called oscillometric pulses. The electronic pressure sensor displays a digital reading of blood pressure.

Best Omron bp monitor it uses Intelligence technology that ensures right amount of pressure is applied to your wrist for accurate and comfortable measurement.

Omron Error messages and their Solution:

Many people dont' know the error messages shown in their bp monitor So,we have shared the Error messages and their meaning and Solutions

E1 error: Wrist cuff is not applied correctly or air is leaking from the wrist cuff

Solution: Apply wrist cuff correctly or contact Omron.

E3 error: Wrist cuff is over-inflating.

Solution: Do not touch the wrist cuff while taking the measurement.

E4 error: You move or talk while taking the reading or vibration can disturb the reading.

Solution: Don’t move or talk but stay still and quiet while taking the measurement.

E5 error: The pulse rate is not detected by the bp monitor.

Solution: Apply the wrist cuff correctly and then take the measurement and if a heartbeat symbol still blinks on the display then you should consult your doctor.

E7 error: You have moved your wrist up or down while taking the measurement.

Solution: Stay still and do not move your wrist while you are taking the measurement.

Er error: The device is malfunctioned.

Solution: Switch it ON or OFF and if it still appears contact Omron.

Err error: This only appears in those bp monitor who have the Bluetooth connection feature. This symbol shows that the bp monitor is not able to connect to a smart phone.

Solution: Follow Instruction shown in the Omron app.

Cleaning Your Wrist BP Monitor:

Use a soft dry cloth or a soft cloth moistened with neutral soap to clean your monitor and wrist cuff, and then wipe them with a dry cloth. Do not use gasoline or volatile cleaners.

The Blood pressure range of all the three wrist bp monitor is Systolic 60 to 260 mmHg Diastolic 40 to 215 mmHg.

The three best wrist bp monitors of Omron are:

Omron Hem 6232t ,Omron Hem 6161 and 6181.

Let's Know more about these bp monitors and decide which one to buy.

This bp monitor is best suitable for people with wrist circumference ranging from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

The memory is upto 30 readings.

This is the wrist blood pressure monitor that is cheaper than the others and comes with basic feature to assist your bp monitoring.

The device is easy to use and comfortable with only some and necessary features.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection This detects if you have an irregular heartbeat or pulse rate and

Hypertension Indicator It has a Hypertension Indicator that alerts you if systolic is higher than 165 mmHg or diastolic less than 85 mmHg.

Cuff Wrapping Guide It comes with this feature that shows a symbol of “OK” if you have wrapped your Cuff correctly on your wrist.

You cannot view dates or time of your result.

These are the only features that comes with this bp monitor.

In short this is a basic bp monitor which you can use for only measuring bp level and doesn’t need to keep much data about your previous results or you can manually write your results (which can be a hefty work).

This bp monitor is best suitable for people with wrist circumference ranging from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

Its memory is about 60 measurements.

Cuff Wrapping Guide that assist you with a “OK” symbol to ensure the cuff is wrapped correctly

Positioning Indicator: In this there is a Heart symbol bar that assist you to keep your wrist and heart aligned in the correct posture. If the bar goes above or below the Heart symbol you need to move your wrist to get the correct posture and if your posture is correct the heart symbol will blink in blue color.

Body Movement Detection: It shows a Body error symbol to warm you that you moved your body while taking the measurement and you need to take the measurement without moving your body for accurate result.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection: A symbol of Heart will blink if your pulse rate is irregular to alert you about your condition and you can immediately contact your doctor.

Blood Pressure Level Bar Indicator: Only feature available in this device which is present in the side of the screen that shows your level of blood pressure (in the bar).

Hypertension Indicator: It has a Hypertension Indicator that alerts you if systolic is higher than 165 mmHg or diastolic less than 85 mmHg.

Morning hypertension symbol Appears when the morning weekly average is 135/85 mmHg or above.

Date/Time You can set the date and time to track your results time and date.

Average Reading: It shows the Average reading of three measurement taken within 10 mins


Morning average Reading: Shows the average reading of the first three readings taken in the morning between 4 am to 10 am.

These are the features that you get in Omron 6181 which ensures you get an accurate result and view and track your results in easy way.

This bp monitor is best suitable for people with wrist circumference ranging from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

It shows an OK symbol if your cuff is wrapped correctly.

The best part of this blood pressure monitor is that it can be used by two different users that means in the display you have two options User 1 and User 2 then you have to select User 1 and take your reading and the other person can choose User 2 for their measurement and all the reading of the two user is stored separately which allows you to track results of two people with the same bp monitor.

This wrist blood pressure monitor takes the measurement silently and without noise as compared to other bp monitors that makes some noise while taking the measurement.

Hypertension symbol :It appears if your systolic blood pressure is 135 mmHg or above and/or the diastolic blood pressure is 85 mmHg or above and alerts you to taking the right step beforehand.

Morning hypertension symbol: It appears when the morning weekly average is 135/85 mmHg or above and alerts you about your condition.

Irregular Heartbeat symbol appears if your pulse rate is irregular and alerts you in consulting your doctor.

The display shows a movement error symbol if you move your body during the measurement and this helps you to save you from inaccurate readings. Then you have to wait 2 or 3 minutes and take the measurement again without moving your Body.

The meter shows the Average of the last three readings taken within 10 minutes span and this average reading ensures a more precise value of your blood pressure.

This monitor also allows you to view the Average of the whole week and also allows you to view Morning average based on the first three measurement taken between 4 am to 10 am.

So in total It tracks your result in the best way possible that helps your doctor to consult you better medication.

This has a Position indicator that helps you to take the measurement by keeping the monitor in the right position and it does this by a Heart shaped bar which will go up or down in the display to guide you to keep the bp monitor in correct way and if a Heart shaped symbol blinks in blue that means your position is correct and you are ready for taking the measurement.

You can transfer your results in your mobile phone by connecting it with the bp monitor through Bluetooth.

You have to download Omron connect app which stores your results.

The Bluetooth of the device is always ON and you can switch it OFF by pressing Bluetooth symbol button for 10 seconds and switch it ON again by pressing it for 2 seconds.

The bp monitor has a memory of 100 measurements.

Now let’s Compare Omron Hem 6161 and Omron Hem 6181 and Omron Hem 6232t :


Accuracy of all the three bp monitor is same and good. The Accuracy of Omron HEM 6161, 6181 and 6232t is around Pressure of ±3 mmHg Pulse of ±5% of display reading.


Omron Hem 6161 stores upto 30 results while Omron Hem 6181 stores 60 results and Omron 6232t stores around 100 results.

Data transfer:

You cannot transfer your results if you are using Omron Hem 6161 and 6181 but you can transfer your results using Bluetooth in Omron Hem 6232t.


Omron 6161 comes with few features but Omron Hem 6181 and 6232t comes with all the features for better results.


Omron Hem 6232t(around 4800 INR) is expensive and Omron 6161(around 2200 INR) is the cheapest and Omron Hem 6181(around 3000 INR)

Note:"The Price may vary time to time"


If you are looking for a basic bp monitor just to measure your bp level and nothing else then Omron 6161 could be a good choice and this monitor upto some extent helps you in getting an accurate reading but you need to be more aware while taking the measurement because this monitor doesn’t have body error or other accuracy feature for better results and you need to manually keep a record of your results.

But Omron HEM 6161 is more easy to use because it doesn’t have many features so this can be a good choice for those who are looking for just a bp monitor.

If you want some better feature and can spend some more money, then you can go for Omron Hem 6181 which is equivalent to Omron Hem 6232t in features but at some extent you can track your results.

Now comes Omron 6232t that gives you everything and is expensive compared to the other two but is a good investment as you can track the results of two people by switching user settings and transfer your previous results into your smartphone using Bluetooth.

And features that allow you to take much better measurement. It can be hefty at first as it has many features to look unto but you will find everything in the user manual that will assist you to take good readings.

Omron 6232t is comparable to other Arm bp monitors in features.

Now its on you to decide which one is best for you.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

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