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Which Omron bp monitor is best in India?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

People with Hypertension has to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do a self check of their blood pressure to keep them in the normal range and for this they need to buy a blood pressure monitor for their health check.

So it gets Important to keep a bp monitor at home.

Why Omron ?

The brand is well known for the blood pressure monitors it produces and has been in the industry for 45 years and maintaining a good relationship with their customers.

Their bp monitors provide an Accuracy of +- 3 mmHg pressure and +- 5 mmHg of pulse.

All the Omron bp monitors comes with Intellisense Technology that ensures right amount of pressure is applied to your wrist for accurate and comfortable measurement.

And since there are many Blood pressure monitor that Omron has produced till now so it becomes difficult for you to decide which one to buy.

Don’t worry here we have showed the best from all bp monitors of Omron based on their price and features.

The common features that Omron provides are:

Cuff wrapping Indicator: A symbol blinks if your cuff is not correctly wrapped and if you have worn correctly an ”OK” symbol appears.

Body error detection: If you move during the measurement you may end up getting an inaccurate reading and to avoid that bp monitors come with this feature that detects your body movement and warms you with a symbol in the display so that you can take another reading with accuracy.

Irregular Heartbeat detection: It detect the irregular heartbeats and warns you with a Heart symbol to take the necessary steps.

Hypertension Indicator: If your bp level is Higher than systolic and low diastolic level

Average reading: The average sum of the readings you have taken to ensure more accurate record.

Intelli wrap cuff: helps to reduce the inaccuracy due to cuff positioning and is also helps in wearing the cuff using only one hand without anyone's help.

We have categorized them based on what they are best for.

Omron Hem 7120

This is one of the bestselling blood pressure monitors with some basic features it provides and it comes within an affordable price which makes it the best to buy.

It comes with no memory to save your data so you have to manually write your data if you want a record of your results.

The features it provides are:

  • Cuff wrapping Indicator

  • Body move detection

  • Irregular heartbeat Detection

  • Hypertension Indicator

  • Warranty of 5 years

Why choose Omron 7120 over Omron hem 8712 and Hem 7124?

All the three models comes in the basic category.

Omron Hem 7120 is cheaper than the other two and Omron Hem 8712 and Hem 7124 doesn’t have Body movement and Irregular heartbeat detection which is important while measuring your blood pressure level .So, it’s better to choose Omron Hem 7120 over Omron Hem 8712 and Hem 7124.


  • Affordable

  • Good features


  • Results are not stored

  • No date and time

  • No Bluetooth transfer

Omron Hem 7156

This is a bit expensive as compared to Omron hem 7120 but the features are more in this bp monitor.

This device has a memory of 60 measurements.

It comes with:

  • Cuff wrapping Indicator

  • Body move detection

  • Irregular Detection

  • Hypertension Indicator

  • Average of last three readings

  • Shows date and time of the measurement.

It also comes with Intelli wrap cuff which helps to reduce the inaccuracy due to cuff positioning and is also helps in wearing the cuff using only one hand without anyone's help.


  • Intelli wrap cuff (Only available in some bp monitors)

  • Average Reading


  • No Bluetooth transfer

Why to choose 7156 over 7130 and 7120 ?

This stores your results and also show average of three readings taken between 10 min while in Omron hem 7120 it has no memory to store and in Omron Hem 7130 there is no intelli cuff feature.

Omron Hem 7361t

It is overall the best bp monitor you can buy because it provides all the features and has a 2 user feature that means this bp monitor can be used by two people.

Features it provides:

  • Intelli wrap cuff

  • Bluetooth connection that helps you to transfer your results into your mobiles.

  • Cuff wrapping guide

  • Average 3 reading

  • Body move detection

  • Irregular Detection

  • Hypertension indicator

  • Shows date and time

The best part is it can be used by two users and their results are stored separately

Its memory is 100 per user that is 200 memory.


  • Many features

  • 2 user


  • Expensive

Omron Hem 7600

This is for those who travel a lot and need to measure their bp level most of their time.

This bp monitor is easy to keep and small in size and doesn't have a different cuff or monitor but the monitor is attached to the cuff which makes it the best for travel.

Features it has:

  • Bluetooth connection to transfer you results into your mobile phone.

  • Cuff guide

  • Body move detection

  • Irregular Detection

  • Memory of 100

  • Shows date and time


  • Bluetooth function

  • Easy for travel


  • Not many features available

  • Expensive

If you are looking for the Best Wrist monitor of Omron that is more portable and easy to use you can read this,Best Omron Wrist Bp Monitors


If you want a Basic bp monitor then go for Omron hem 7120 which is cheap and provides good features at its price range.

If you are looking for more features and and memory feature then go with Omron Hem 7156.

But if you are looking for the Best bp monitor that has all the feature and can be used by two people saving your time and money then go for Omron Hem 7361t.

If you travel a lot and want a bp monitor that could fit in your bag and is easy to use then you should go for Omron Hem 7600.

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