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Omron vs Dr Morepen vs Dr Trust Bp Monitor: Which is Best?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this post we have compared the top 3 brands of blood pressure monitors and have tried to help you choose the best one for you.

We have selected their bestselling bp monitors that is:

From Omron: Omron HEM 7120

From Dr Trust: Dr Trust Smart

From Dr Morepen: Dr Morepen Bp02

Let’s compare them and figure out which one should you buy:


Omron has been clinically validated and approved and they provide accuracy of pressure +/- 3 mmHg and pulse of +/- 5%.

Dr Trust also has an accuracy of Pressure: +/- 3 mmHg, Pulse: +/- 5%

Dr Morepen also has the same accuracy that is of +/- 3 mmHg pressure and +/-5% Pulse.

In terms of Accuracy all three can be the best choice.


Dr Morepen is the cheapest with price of 1440 as compared with Omron around 2000 and dr trust around 2400.

Dr Morepen is cheap and affordable than Omron and Dr Trust.

Let’s look into their features more:


Storing your measurements or results are important feature as it helps you analyse your blood pressure variations.

Dr Morepen stores upto 120 results and lets you view the Average of 3 last readings.

Omron Hem 7120 doesn’t have a function to store your results and this may be its drawback.

Dr Trust stores upto 120 results too.

In terms of Memory Dr Morepen and Dr Trust are ahead of Omron Hem 7120.

Inflation Comfort:

Omron uses Intellisense Technology that inflates the cuff on its own for accurate measurement and this makes it easy for the user to use the bp monitor.

Dr Trust also has a technology that prevents over inflation and makes sure the cuff is comfortable.

Dr Morepen also measure our blood pressure on correct and comfortable Inflation.

Ease of Use:

All the Three BP Monitors provide Irregular Heartbeat Indicator that blinks if your pulse or heartbeat is in Irregular rhythm.

Dr Morepen has a High-Low bp indicator that helps you determine if your bp level is normal, high or Low.

It has four color bar green yellow, orange and red and when you measure your blood pressure an arrow will show up on the screen and will point to any of the three color to let you know about your bp level range.

This is helpful to easily determine if your bp level is low High or Normal.

Dr Trust also has this color feature to determine if your bp level is low, high or Normal and it also comes with a audio feature that spells your bp level in Hindi or English which is a good feature.

Omron doesn’t have this Feature but it has a Hypertension Indicator that blinks if your Bp level is out of Normal range and this is also helpful for many users but it doesn’t provide any color indicator.

But Omron has Body Move Detection Indicator that helps you take the measurement again if you have made any movement while taking the measurement because body movement can result in Inaccuracy.

Cuff size:

Dr Trust comes with a Cuff size of 22 to 42 cm that means it can be used by people with large arms also.

Dr Morepen comes with a Cuff size of 22 to 36 cm.

Omron Cuff size is about 22 to 32 cm which is less as compared to Dr Trust and Dr Morepen. You have to buy separately if you have large arms.

If you are looking for wrist bp monitors Best Omron Wrist bp Monitors

Buy On Amazon :

Dr Trust: Dr Trust Smart

Dr Morepen: Dr Morepen Bp02


Omron is a trusted brand and all their bp monitors are clinically validated and are consider user friendly. Omron has many bp monitors based on the user requirement and they provide different options for the user to choose the best one for them.

Omron Has many other bp monitors that are best Omron best bp Monitors according to user requirement.

Dr Trust has also been one of the accurate bp monitors widely and all their bp monitors are USFDA approved and are great for users. Dr Trust also has some bp monitors based on different features and using method which user can choose according to their need.

Dr Morepen is one those brands which are producing the best and cheap bp monitors compared to the others. Dr Morepen has less bp monitors and they provide basic features.


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