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Beurer BM 28 vs BM 35 Bp Monitor: Which one to Buy?

Beurer is one of the leading companies in Healthcare products and they are in the industry for more than 100 years and they started this company in 1919 in Germany and expanded all over the world now.

The company can be trusted with their blood pressure monitor as you can see ESH validation on all their Bp monitors which ensure that they are accurate for measuring blood pressure.

In this post we have compared the two Beurer Bp monitor and you can choose the best suited for you according to this comparison.


Beurer BM 35

Beurer BM 28

Risk Indicator



Cuff size

23-36 cm

22-42 cm





2 x 60

4 x 30



2 alarms

Arrhythmia Indicator



Body stable Indicator



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Are Beurer Bp monitors Accurate:

Both the Bp monitors are quite accurate as they have ESH validation and are from the same company and all the Beurer products are CE marked Medical devices that means they are safe and meet all health protection requirement.

This company is also awarded with German High blood pressure League Approval as their bp monitors are reliable, affordable and precise with their measurement.

So, based on Accuracy both Beurer bm 35 and bm28 are the best and could be trusted.

And the Accuracy in Both Bp monitor ranges from Systolic ±3 mmHg, diastolic ±3 mmHg, pulse ±5% from the correct value.


Memory Function is an important criteria for many people who uses BP monitor as it stores your previous bp values that can be accessed anytime.

This function is available in both the blood pressure monitor but is somewhat different and we will know here.

In Beurer Bm 35 you can store upto 120 measurements and it can be used by two different person that is 60 measurement for 1 person and 60 for the other and the total is 120.

This type of storage is great if more than one person is using the same BP monitor as you will not be confused about each others data.

In Beurer Bm 28, This is better but complicated as you can store upto 120 measurements same as bm 35 but this bp monitor can be used by 4 people that makes it

30 measurement storage for 1 person.

In our opinion it totally depends on you and your family requirement, if there are 4 people that wants to check their BP then Beurer Bm 28 could be a good choice as it will be easy to store readings but if there are only two who wants to check their BP then BM 35 could be more convenient as it stores 60 readings for two people.


The Cuff size is one of the deciding factor when we purchase a BP monitor because not all Cuff size can fit anyone's hand.

If we compare the cuff size , Beurer Bm 35 has 23 to 36 cm cuff size which is common in many bp monitors and can be a fit to some people but not all.

Beurer BM 28 has a cuff size of 22 to 42 cm that is considered as universal cuff size as to would be good for all and also for people with bigger arms.

There is one more function in Beurer bm 28 that is, an "OK" symbol will appear on the display if your cuff is in correct position and wrapped correctly and this feature is really helpful for more accurate result but this is not available in Beurer bm 35.

Measurement Range:

Measurement Range is the range upto which a BP monitor can show or evaluate and if your BP is higher than that value then BP monitor will not be able to judge your result but don't worry you won't reach that high value or range but this range also tells us about the BP monitor.

Beurer Bm 35 has cuff pressure of 0–300 mmHg that is it will provide pressure upto this range.

The systolic pressure that bm 35 can show is between 60-280 mmHg and diastolic upto 30-200 mmHg and lastly the pulse range is 40-199 beats/min and this is standard range in many bp monitors.

Beurer Bm 28 also has a cuff pressure of 0-300mmHg but systolic pressure range is 50-280mmHg,diastolic is 30-200mmHg and pulse if 40-199beats/min.

So, All the range value is same but only systolic range starts in bm 28 starts at 50 but in bm 35 it starts from 60 .Therefore, Beurer bm 28 is more sensitive in measuring blood pressure compared to Beurer bm 35.

Average Function:

This is a feature that helps you to get an average value of all your measurement taken within 7 days and this is available in Both the bp monitor where you can get the average morning values taken in the morning( 5 am to 9 am) and also you can get Average of bp values taken in the night.(6 pm to 9 pm).

This feature is good to analyze your bp fluctuation and better management of further readings.

Alarm Feature:

This feature is only available in Beurer bm 28 and not in bm 35, In this feature you can set 2 alarms as a reminder to take measurement at the correct time.


This feature is also one of the concern of many people but the battery life is decent in both the blood pressure monitor.

In Beurer bm 35 you can measure upto 250 measurement which is quite good battery life but in Beurer bm 28 you can get upto 300 measurements of battery life which is 50 measurements more compared to bm 35.

The display of both the bp monitor will show low battery symbol when the battery is low, So that you can change the batteries on time.

Risk Indicator:

If you can't remember the value of normal bp level and you have to always check on the internet if your bp level is high or low then this is a helpful feature for you as there is a color bar at the side of the display of Bp monitor and after you take a measurement, according to your Bp level an arrow mark will point towards the color of the bar and you can easily judge your Bp level according to the colors of the bar.

The Red denotes High Bp, Orange denotes moderate Bp, Yellow denotes Mild Bp and Lastly Green which denotes Normal level.

This indicator is very helpful for everyone who is going to use a Bp monitor.

Arrhythmia Indication:

This Indication will help you to judge if your pulses are healthy or are in correct range or they are irregular.

Many times people have irregular heartbeat and this could get serious if not consulted early by a doctor.

When you measure your Bp level in Both Beurer Bm 35 or 28 if you see a Heart symbol with a wave line once then its alright but if this symbol appears in many of your results then you have Arrhythmia or Irregular heartbeat and immediately consult with your doctor and take precaution.

Body Stability Indicator :

This Feature puts Beurer bm 28 one step ahead of bm 35 as this function:

  • It will show a symbol of person sitting in a chair resting that means you were in rest while taking the measurement and the measurement is accurate.

  • A symbol of the person standing away from chair will appear if you were not physically and mentally at rest while taking the measurement and you will have to take the measurement again after 1 minute or after some time when you feel rested or at peace.

This function will help in getting the best and accurate result.

Other details :

  • You can set date and time in both the BP Monitors.

  • Both Bp monitor has an Auto switch off function that will switch off the device within 3 min if you forgot to switch it off.

  • You get a warranty of 5 years in both the Beurer bm 35 and 28

  • The weight of Beurer bm 35 is 327g and bm 28 is 367g.

Our Opinion

Functionality and operating is easier in Beurer BM 28 compared to BM 35.

Both the Bp monitor is good and can be good choice if you buy any of the above but buying Beurer BM 28 could be a better value for money as it offers more user friendly display and features which is not in Beurer BM 35.

Although Beurer BM 35 is a good to go if you are looking for cheaper Blood pressure monitor and this monitor has good features and if you want some more features than you can buy Beurer BM 28 with ease.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

Beurer BM 35 : Check on Amazon

Beurer BM 28 : Check on Amazon


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