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Beurer BM 28 vs Omron Hem 7120 : Value for Money?

Its good to have a Blood pressure monitor at home and choosing from many companies is difficult and in this post we have taken the two best Bp monitors and compared them. So, that you can clearly buy the one which is perfect for you.

About the Brands:

Both the brands are amazing and we will know a little bit about their background.


Omron is a company that is from Japan and they are in the Healthcare industry for more than 45 years, they have been producing respiratory machines to thermometers and have been in the top till now when it comes to trust between them and their Customer.

All their products are clinically tested before releasing them to their customers and they also maintain good customer support too.


Beurer is also a Healthcare based company that was started in 1919 in Germany and they have completed 100 years in this Health industry and have expanded it to all over the world.

They also make products that ranges from nebulizers to thermometers, their products are tested clinically before they are given to their customers.

Their trust with customers is also good.

As we get to know about both the companies, you still cannot guess which bp monitor could be best for you.

We have compared the most sold Bp monitors of both the brands and these two can be considered value for money Bp monitor because they are cheaper than some bp monitors and are better than many blood pressure monitors.

Let's see out of these two is the most better value for money and we will know this by comparing all the features both the bp monitor offer and based on their performance we will give a conclusion on which one should be a good choice as your next or first Bp monitors.


Beurer BM 28

Omron Hem 7120


120 (4x30)

Last result

Risk Indicator



Hypertension Indicator



Body movement Indicator



Irregular heartbeat Indicator



Cuff size







5 years

3 years

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Are Omron and Beurer Bp monitors Accurate:

Accuracy is the main concern while buying a Blood pressure monitor because accuracy is everything we need in bp monitor.

Omron Bp monitors are clinically validated from ESH(European society of Hypertension) and AAMI( Association for Advanced Medical Instrumentation) These are organization that test healthcare products where there are doctors, patients and other healthcare professional who check if the product is good or accurate for the consumers.

We now know what to look at while buying a Bp monitor and ISO certification is also considered a good sign that a bp monitor is accurate.

Beurer Bp monitor are also clinically validated from ESH(European society of Hypertension) and they have won many awards from Health-i and German Hypertension society(not many have this award).

Beurer can be trusted with accuracy according to what they have achieved.

Both the Bp monitor also fulfill CE mark that means their product meet high safety for health.

Accuracy in Omron Hem 7120 and Beurer BM 28:

The Accuracy criteria is same in both the Bp monitor that is Systolic ±3 mmHg, diastolic ±3 mmHg, pulse ±5% from the correct value.


Memory feature is a great method to store your previous results or measurements in the Bp monitor so that you can access them anytime and this feature is good for people who need to record all measurements.

Beurer BM 28 has a Memory of 120 measurements that means you can store upto 120 results and access them anytime and this memory is divided into 4 groups so that 4 people can use the bp monitor (that is 4x30 = 120) and save their results differently which is very useful if there is more than one who needs bp monitor. So, one person can save 30 results in this Bp monitor and likewise 3 more people can save data separately that gives 4 people and 30 each storage giving 120 storage in total.

Omron Hem 7120 does not come with the Memory feature and does not store any of your result, it will only show your last result and nothing else.

In terms of Memory Beurer BM 28 is better than Omron hem 7120.


Cuff size is important while buying a Bp monitor and you need to select the right cuff size before buying a Bp monitor.

For people with bigger arms they need large cuff size and people with thin arms would require less cuff size or normal size.

Beurer BM 28 comes with universal cuff size that is 22-42 cm, this cuff size is considered universal as it will fit most of the arms.

Omron Hem 7120 comes with the standard cuff size that is 22- 32 cm but the company also gives a option to select the cuff size of your choice. So, it doesn't matter which one you choose you can select the cuff size while buying the BP monitor.

Cuff Indicator:

Both the Bp monitor comes with a feature that will tell you if you have wrapped the cuff correctly or not. If you have wrapped the cuff correctly then it will show an "OK" symbol stating that you are good to check your bp level and this symbol is same in both the bp monitor.

Auto switch off:

This function is really important as we many times forgot to switch off the bp monitor and because of auto switch off function the bp monitor switch off after a particular time.

In Beurer Bm 28, the Bp monitor switch off automatically after 3mins of no disturbance and In Omron hem 7120,the BP monitor switch off after 2 mins of no disturbance.

Irregular Heartbeat detection:

This feature check if your pulse is irregular that is if its changing frequently which can be a serious health issue.

But Both the Bp monitor comes with this feature that check if you have irregular heartbeat or not.

In Beurer Bm 28 you will see a heart with a wave symbol if you have irregular Heartbeat while measuring BP level.

In Omron Hem 7120 you will see a heart symbol that will blink after you have taken the measurement to show you that the bp monitor observed Irregular Heartbeat.

This feature is helpful to take precaution before anything bad happens.

Risk Indicator:

This Indicator is only available in Beurer Bm 28 and not in Omron 7120,this feature is very useful for those who forget what's the normal bp level range because at the side of the Beurer bp monitor, a color bar is made and after you have taken the measurement an arrow symbol will point towards any of the 4 color then you can easily tell about your bp level.

Red is for Very high, Orange for Moderate, Yellow for mild and Green for Normal.

Same type of feature but its different is available in Omron hem 7120 that is a heart symbol with waves will blink if you have High bp level which is known as Hypertension Indicator.

Battery :

Both Beurer Bm 28 and Omron Hem 7120 uses 4 AA batteries but battery life is different in both.

In Beurer, you get upto 300 measurements with single use of those batteries and in Omron you can use the batteries upto 1000 measurements.

Both the bp monitor will show a low battery symbol on the screen when the batteries are used up and this symbol will help you to replace those batteries with new ones on time.

Body detection Indicator:

This feature is useful as it will allow you to take accurate measurement because many times we move our body while measuring bp level and this affects the accuracy of bp monitor.

So, to solve this both the BP monitor has a Body movement indicator which will blink after you have taken the measurement so that you could know you have moved your body and then you have to measure again to get more accurate results.

This feature is also helpful in maintaining accurate results.

Warranty Period:

You get 5 years of Warranty with Beurer BM 28 and you get 3 years of warranty with Omron hem 7120.

Other features :

  • Alarm: You can set upto 2 alarms in Beurer bm 28 but not in hem 7120

  • Date/Time: You can set date and time of measurement in Beurer bm 28 but not in Omron hem 7120

  • Average: You can view the average of 7 days in Beurer bm 28 but its not available in Omron hem 7120

  • Display is large and easy to read in both the Bp monitors

Our Opinion

Both the BP monitors are good but in performance and features Beurer bm 28 is better than Omron hem 7120.

Since Beurer is cheaper than Omron then you can consider buying this BP monitor as it offers more value for money.

Omron hem 7120 is totally designed for those who just need a simple and easy to use bp monitor and this could be a good bp monitor for beginner or for those who don't need much features but just want to use a bp monitor for only checking bp level.

Buying through our link would be helpful:

Omron Hem 7120: Check on amazon

Beurer bm 28: Check on amazon


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