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Dr Trust vs Dr Morepen Glucometer: Which is best?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

There is always a confusion while buying a glucometer and if you are reading this post that means you are confused between these two glucometer that are available in the market and are not deciding to buy other brands of glucometer.

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Dr Trust and Dr Morepen glucometer are two of the best glucometers in the market which are having satisfied customer feedback and it becomes difficult to make a choice between the two as they are best at their level.

Let’s start with the first thing we all look at and that is the Price of the Glucometer:

Dr Morepen BG-03 Dr Trust Automatic Glucometer

Price of Glucometer:

Dr Trust Automatic Glucometer comes at the price range of around Rs 899 with 10 free test strips.

Dr Morepen comes with the price tag of Rs 949 with 60 free test strips.

The price of Dr Trust Glucometer with 60 free test strips is around Rs 1999.

So, in terms of price Dr Morepen Glucometer is cheaper than Dr Trust Automatic Glucometer.

Price of Test strips:

Glucometers require test strips to detect blood glucose levels and test strips is the main source of income for the glucometer brands.

Test strips should not be expensive as you have to buy the test strips until you use the specific glucometer (there are no universal test strips that can be used by any glucometer)

Price of the test strip should be affordable and let’s check for these two Glucometers.

According to amazon Dr Trust test strips are sold at Rs 15 per strip which is quite affordable and Dr Morepen test strips also range between Rs 14 to 15 per strip.

So, Both Dr Trust and Dr Morepen have almost the same price for their test strip and are not expensive.

Now comes the parameters that will determine which glucometer is best suited for you:


All glucometer stores some of the measurement in the Glucometer for making it easy for the user to track their results.

Dr Trust store upto 1000 results of a user which is not available in many glucometers.

Dr Morepen stores upto 300 result that is very less compared to Dr Trust Glucometer.

In terms of Memory Dr Trust is ahead of Dr Morepen.

Result Time:

The time required for a glucometer to show the result or measurement after inserting the test strip containing the blood sample is called the result time.

Dr Trust takes 5 seconds to show your blood glucose level reading and Dr Morepen also shows the result within 5 seconds.

Both the glucometers are fast in terms of showing the result.


Accuracy is a major concern for every individual, Dr Trust and Dr Morepen have good feedback from many users regarding accuracy of the Glucometer.

Dr Trust glucometers follow the guidelines of CE and FDA.

Dr Morepen glucometer are 95% close to the actual result or to the lab value.

In terms of accuracy you can go with both of them either Dr Trust or Dr Morepen.

Blood Sample:

Dr Trust glucometer require upto 0.5 μl and Dr Morepen also require upto 0.5 μl of blood sample on the test strips for the glucose level measurement.


Dr Trust display is quite bigger than Dr Morepen display and both the glucometer show time and date of the measurement taken.

Low light visibility of Dr Trust Glucometer is much better than Dr Morepen Glucometer.


Now Dr Morepen stops here because this glucometer is designed for basic use and does not have any features other than discussed above but Dr Trust does have more features that makes them win the race to be a better glucometer than Dr Morepen.

Features of Dr Trust Automatic Glucometer:

  • Ketone Warning: Unique feature available in this glucometer that shows ketone imbalance in the body.

  • Smiley Indicator: An indicator will appear with the result to show if reading is high, low (Sad emoji) or normal (smiley emoji).

  • Alarm Function:4 Alarms are available in the device

  • Strip port light: A light in the test strip port to guide you while taking measurement at night.

  • Strip ejector: A button that will eject the test strip out of the glucometer without the need of touching it with your hands.

  • Modes of Operation:3 modes of operation(AC,PC and GEN)

  • Average result: The device will show average results of the whole day.

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Both the Glucometer are good choice for a Glucometer at home but Dr Trust is much better than Dr Morepen as it provides more feature and memory and both have almost the same price.

So, if you are only looking for a normal Glucometer then you should opt for Dr Morepen but if you want features in the same price range then you should buy Dr Trust glucometer.

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