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Best Glucometers with the cheapest strips : India

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

It is a difficult choice to select the best glucometers in the market and everyone wants to buy a good glucometer that has the cheapest test strips because when you buy a glucometer it not a onetime buy but you have to buy the test strips of that glucometer until you keep it and you can’t buy any other test strips as Glucometer can be used by the test strips made for that model.

And people try to find a glucometer that at least provide best quality and has cheap test strips.

Here is this post we have tried to select some of the best glucometers in the market that has the best value of their test strips compared to some of the best glucometers.

Note: The price may change time to time

Accu chek Active

  • This is one of the oldest model of Accu chek Glucometer but is accurate enough to beat other glucometers and has producing cheap test strips compared to other models of accu chek.

  • The test strip price is around 18 Rs per strip which is low compared to many best glucometers and accu chek Active is one of the Glucometer that people often buy.

  • Memory is around 500 tests and you get pre and post meal markers to see the difference between pre and post meal measured glucose level.

  • You can view the test average of 7, 14, 30 and 90 days.

  • You can transfer your results via USB interface to your computer.

  • It gives the result in 5 seconds.

  • Blood required is around 1 to 2 µl.

  • It fulfills ISO 15197:2013

Know more here Accu chek

Control D Glucometer

  • It fulfills the ISO -15197:2013 requirements

  • This glucometer is also a good choice if you want basic features and want to buy cheap test strips as they cost around 10 Rs per test strip

  • This only requires upto 0.5 µl of blood sample.

  • Shows the result within 5 seconds of time.

  • Memory is 500 results and the size of this glucometer is really small which makes it easy to carry around even keeping it in your pocket.

  • And this glucometer is also good in accuracy and is bought by many customers who are looking for a cheap Glucometer and a cheap test strip price.

Know more here Control D

Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

  • This is one of the bestselling Glucometer selected by many customers because it offers a cheap price and the test strips come around for 15 Rs per strip.

  • The results occurs within 5 seconds.

  • It stores upto 300 results and you can also take blood samples from upper arm, thigh that is it supports alternate site testing.

  • It can give the average of 7,14 and 30 days.

  • The blood sample required is also 0.5 µl.

  • This is one of the cheapest glucometer and is competing with the top brands in accuracy.

Dr trust USA Glucometer

  • Dr Trust is a trusted brand and has been well known for health based products and the Glucometer.

  • Test strip comes around 15 Rs per strip.

  • Blood sample required is 0.5 µl.

  • Pre and post meal reminders are also available.

  • The result occurs within 5 seconds.

  • This glucometer also has a ketone Alert which is not present in most of the glucometers.

  • The memory is upto 1000 test.

BeatO Smart Glucometer

  • If you are looking for a smart glucometer and many glucometers are expensive and their test strips are expensive.

  • This glucometer is round in shape which works when connected with your smartphone and is very small as it works with the smartphone but accuracy is comparable less compared to accu chek and Dr Morepen.

  • No battery is required as it works on smartphone’s power.

  • Blood sample required is 0.5 µl.

  • The results are automatically saved in the BeatO app and easy to share with your doctor or loved ones.

  • But BeatO is in the same price range of Dr. Morepen and its test strip is cheaper than Dr Morepen that is around 13 Rs per strip.

Know more here BeatO

Accusure Simple Glucometer

  • Alternate Site Testing is possible in this glucometer and you can take sample from upper arm, thigh etc.

  • The test strips cost around 16 Rs per strip.

  • Date and time function is available.

  • Average Result Function for 7, 14, 30, 90 Days

  • Memory of 1000 results.

  • You get the results in 8 seconds.

  • Blood sample required is 0.5 µl.

Know more here Accusure


These are the 6 Glucometers that have relatively low price of their test strip and they all are among the best glucometers in the market and you can go on with any of the glucometer discussed above.

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