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Control D Blood Glucose Monitor Review : India

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Buying a Glucometer is difficult when choosing from many brands for a Diabetic person and they lose hope of buying a Glucometer and end up buying the worst one.

If you don't know how to select which glucometer to buy then you can read this post and you can have a basic understanding of how to buy a Glucometer Buying Guide for Glucometer

Let's move forward and review the Glucometer that is Control D.

About the Brand

It is an Indian brand whose Headquarters are in Mumbai,Maharashtra and they are mainly focused on improving the Health industry and providing people with the best healthcare products.This company was launched in 2017 but are providing a good support to the customers with their products.And they meet the ISO-15197:2013 requirements for using a glucometer in the market.

Let's dig deeper about this glucometer and look at the points and decide if its good for you or not.


It meets the ISO-15197:2013 requirements(If ISO requirement is met the product can be used and manufactured for common people and is termed as safe for customers) which is met by many top brands of Glucometer like accu chek and the company claims that control d Glucometer provide an accuracy of 95% which is quite good.

No coding:

The Glucometer requires no coding and it can be used as soon as you take it out of the box after putting the Battery inside the Glucometer but this is not a special feature because now all the glucometer requires no coding.


Price of the Glucometer is around 749 INR.

This is a real advantage of having this glucometer because this is cheaper than all the Glucometers in the Market but competing with Dr Morepen glucometer because both of these glucometer have a comparable price.

"Note: The price may change from time to time"


This is also one of the advantage of having this Glucometer as this is really small compared to other Glucometers and you can carry this Glucometer in your pocket.

So,its easy to travel with and doesn't take much space which is great for people who travel a lot and have to carry bigger glucometer with them.

One more advantage that this Glucometer has is that it comes with a carry bag or case to keep your Glucometer which is not provided by many Glucometer brands.


Even though the size is less compared to other Glucometers but the display is still large LCD and is easy to view all the readings in the display.

Control D Lancing Pen:

The Lancing device is Easy to use and comes with a depth setting of 5 that allows it to be used by different people based on their type of skin like the lancing pen should be having more depth when pricking a thick skin of the Finger or less depth when the person is having thin skin like senior or children.

Lancing pen

There are two types of Lancets one is 28 Gauge and 30 Gauge.The 28 Gauge means it has a thick needle and is made for people who have very thick skin and 30 Gauge is a thin needle that is mostly for everyone and it is less painful. A 30 Gauge is a recommended lancet for everyone.

Alternate site Testing:

This Glucometer allows Alternate site Testing which means you can prick from other parts of your body rather than pricking your fingers all the time which can hurt your finger if pricked all the time.

The parts you can prick for the blood are your hand, upper arm, forearm, calf or thighs and avoid moles, veins, bones, and tendons while doing this test.

Blood Sample:

Control D requires only need a 0.5 micro-liter of blood to get an accurate reading which is great and this is equal to one drop of your blood.


The Memory feature allows you to store the results or measurements in the Glucometer and it becomes easy for you to view and track your previous readings.

The Memory of this Glucometer is 500 results that means you can store upto 500 measurements.

Result Time:

An important thing to notice is how much time it takes for a Glucometer to show results?

Control D takes upto 5 seconds to show your results which is comparable to top brands like accu chek as they also show results in 5 seconds.

Test strips:

The price of test strips are also at a reasonable price and is not expensive compared to other top brands of Glucometer who have around 14 to 20 INR per test strips but for Control D you can get the test strip at 13 INR per strip.

"Note: The price may change from time to time"

Ejection :

This function allows you to eject the test strip with a button and you don't have to manually take out the test strip after it is used and this ensure hygiene and saves time.

This feature is not available is some of the Glucometers.

Warranty: 5 years

Why you should Buy it?

  • Cheap Glucometer

  • Cheap test strips

  • Small size

  • Cheap but Accurate

  • Warranty of 5 years

Why you should not Buy it?

  • Not many features available

  • Memory is less


Overall the Glucometer is a good choice to buy for you or your loved ones.

This Glucometer is for those who aim to buy a Cheap Glucometer but with a good accuracy and not for those who aim to buy a Glucometer based on features.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

Control D Check on Amazon

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