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Dr Trust fully Automatic Glucometer Review – Worth your Money?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Glucometers are a necessity for those suffering from Diabetes and they need to monitor their blood glucose levels all the time to ensure Healthy living and if a Glucometer makes it an easy task to monitor Glucose level and half of the problem is solved.

We here have shared one of those Glucometer that is well known to monitor blood glucose level and make it easy for anyone to understand the result.

And that is Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer.

We have shared all its features that makes it your best choice of a Glucometer for home.

About the Brand

Dr trust is one of the Leading global Health and wellness brand and it has producing some of the best products which includes glucometers , Oximeter ,Nebulizers and this brand is also trusted by many Doctors, Medical professionals.

Their products are accurate and easy to use which makes them one of the best brands.

There are many fake products sold in the name of Dr Trust and they have defamed this brand. So, they have shared their logo and you should look at the product’s logo before buying from any seller.

Dr Trust
Real logo Dr Trust

Accuracy of Dr Trust

Dr Trust medical devices strictly follow the CE and FDA(Food and Drug Administration) guidelines and many users are satisfied with the accuracy of the Dr Trust Glucometer.

No coding

This glucometer can be used directly without setting any code before use which ensures less errors and more accuracy of your glucose level.

This is not a unique feature as many glucometers require no coding to operate.

GDH-FAD test strip Technology

This enzyme technology ensures more accurate results because it prevents the interference of blood Oxygen variation and it also prevents galactose and maltose(present in blood) interference and thus focuses more on glucose levels and thus providing an accurate result.

Test Strips

And the average pricing of Dr trust test strips are about 15Rs per strip which is affordable compared to many glucometers that provide expensive test strips.

Know more Glucometer with cheapest Test stirps.

Ketone Warning

This Glucometer comes with a unique feature and that is ketone warning.

A high or low indication will appear on the screen when you check your blood glucose level,if your ketone level is higher than 13 mol/L then a High indication under ketone will blink, if not treated this can lead to Diabetic KetoAcidosis which is hamful for you and this could help you to take necessary steps before anything bad happens.

For those who don’t know Ketoacidosis,when your body has less amount of glucose then it starts producing ketones which is a diabetic complication that can lead to coma or death.

And this is a unique feature added by Dr trust and according to us there are no brands of glucometer that offer ketone warning indicator.

So,this is a really helpful feature that can save your life.

Smiley indicator

Many people don’t remember on what is the normal level of blood glucose for a healthy living and they may have to check alll the time to ensure if their reading is in the normal range.

Dr trust solves this problem with a smiley emoji or face on the screen.

A smiley face will appear if your blood glucose level is in the normal range and a sad face will appear if your level is low or high and this can help you understand your result within seconds.

This feature is also a great way to know the result without taking anyone’s help.


The Glucometer has a memory of 1000 results that means you can store upto 1000 measurements in the device with date and time and keep track of it and you don’t have to manually write them down.

Having 1000 memory is a advantage because many glucometers have eithier 500 or 800 storage.

But you cannot transfer your results to your computer which may appear to be a drawback if you want it to be transferable.

Result time

The results appear within 5 seconds which is fast and saves time.

Blood sample

The blood sample required is very less that is around 0.5 μl.

Modes of Operation

The Dr Trust comes with three modes which are General mode that allows you to measure blood glucose level at any time.The 2nd mode is AC that allows you to measure your level on empty stomach or before meals and the 3rd mode is PC that allows you to take readings after meals.

These modes can help you to track particular type of results that is AC mode can help in understanding before meals or morning readings and PC mode can help to understand after meals changes in your blood glucose levels.

These modes will be helpful in understanding the results in a much easier way.

Average result

You can also view all your day’s average reading which can be useful to know your progress in maintaining your level.

Strip ejection

The Device has a ejection button that can help you eject the test strip without touching it with your hands and you can directly eject it into the bin.

This keeps you hygienic and saves time.


The Display is a LCD screen and the screen is big which makes it easy to view for people with low eye sight and it can used easily even in the dark or night.

Strip port light

It guides you with a small light that illuminates in dark and helps to put the test strip in the test strip port which is helpful in measuring glucose levels in the night.

This feature is not seen in many glucometers and is quite helpful.

Automatic Off

The Glucometer will automatically switch off if it is kept ON without use within 3 minutes.

Alternate site testing

Pricking your hands all the time can be painful but this glucometer allows you to take blood samples from upper arm,Thigh and Calf.

This method gives rest to your hands.

Alarm Function

The Glucometer has a Alarm or Reminder function that you can set and it will remind you the correct time to take the measurement.

You can set upto 4 Reminders.


  • GDH-FAD strip enzyme technology

  • Ketone warning

  • smiley indicator

  • Allows alternate site testing

  • Fast result

  • 1000 result memory

  • Day average

  • Strip ejection button


  • Memory is not Transferable


This product can really make it easy to understand and track your results and is a great choice to buy and as its test strips are also affordable and this glucometer is not that expensive and the feature it provide is also a point to consider.

Overall this product is value for money.

Buying from our link would be helpful:

Dr Trust Check on Amazon

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