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Possible reasons of Feeling tired all the time

Waking up in the morning with full energy and enthusiasm makes our day better and best but when you wake up and feel tired even if you have slept enough and gave rest to your body and still you feel so not full of energy, ruins the day.

But why I am so tired and have no energy?,,Is there a problem with your lifestyle? or Is it a disease? or Is it just in your head?

Let's look into the following and try to fix stop feeling tired.

Problem with your Lifestyle?


Diet is an important factor in almost for everything.So,It has to be maintained and should be proper in terms of vitamin,Protein and other nutrients and never skip your meal,if you have no time to eat,take fruits or dry fruits with you and eat them on your way.

Always try to eat on a scheduled time, and eating heavy food in night should be avoided, you should try to eat less at night.


This is what most people avoid more often, You should try to sleep atleast 6 hrs to let your body and brain rest and try to avoid using your phone before going to bed and don't keep your phones too close to your body and don't oversleep cause this also makes our bodies too tired to work.

Sleeping symptoms like:

  1. Sleep disorder: Sleeping any time or change in sleep pattern should not be followed but sleep on correct time.

  2. Insomnia: Sleeping becomes difficult and this also lead to weakness and fatigue.


Many people are too lazy to even get up from their bed and don't want to put efforts or pressure to their brain.If you are one of these people, please stop this now and utilize your free time and use your brain and explore new things and keep your body active through exercise or playing sports.


Here comes the worst thing and that is stress, Always remember that taking stress will never solve a problem but make it more difficult .

Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline, which prepares your body to deal with such situations. In small doses, this response is safe. In the case of chronic or ongoing stress, it takes a toll on your body’s resources leaving you feeling exhausted.And this stress kills you from inside and disrupt your mental activity.So.remove stress from your life and that's not an easy task to do.

Schedule your life and make goals and change your bad habits and start to live your life and socialize with other people.And try to stay calm and happy in every situation.

Is it a Disease?

1.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This Syndrome will make you feel tired all the Time that doesn’t go away with rest and can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition.

CFS can be difficult to diagnose.There are no tests for CFS. Your doctor will have to rule out other causes for your fatigue when determining a diagnosis.

While CFS was not considered as a disease, it’s now widely accepted as a medical condition.


Fibromyalgia causes muscle pain and tenderness.

The condition affects the muscles and soft tissue, but it can also cause fatigue. Because of this condition people are not able to sleep and are fatigue

Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever can help improve pain and sleep.

And some people who took antidepressant,physical therapy and exercise had a positive outcome.


Feeling Tired most of the time can be a symptom of diabetes because when you suffer from diabetes,your body doesn't make a proper amount of insulin by which it can high Bp and make you feel fatigue.

Seeing a doctor is must if this fatigue doesn't go away. Keep in mind that fatigue can also be a symptom of other medical conditions like heart disease and cancer.


Anemia is a condition where your Body doesn't produce enough healthy red blood cells which may lead to weakness or fatigue and you should consult a doctor or eat nutritious food

which contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Iron like:

Red meat, such as beef.dark, leafy, green vegetables, such as spinach and kale.

Is it just in you head?

You must be tired from all the work and your life.So,Give yourself a short break from your lifestyle and do something different or spend some time with your loved ones which can make you feel better and Active.Its just an advice from our side.Now it all depends on you.

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