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Omron Hem 7120 vs 7156 BP Monitor : Buy the best one?

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Blood pressure monitors are also a medical device that has to be kept in our homes to check our blood pressure level and maintain accordingly.

Omron is one of the brands with wide variety of Bp monitors and they claim that all their BP monitors are clinically validated before releasing it into the market.

Omron Bp monitors are clinically validated from ESH(European society of Hypertension) and AAMI( Association for Advanced Medical Instrumentation) These are organization that test healthcare products where there are doctors, patients and other healthcare professional who check if the product is good or accurate for the consumers.

In this post we have compared Omron Hem 7120 with Omron Hem 7156 and by the end of this post you will have a clear view on which one to buy for your health.


Omron 7120

Omron 7156

Body movement detection



Irregular heartbeat detection



Hypertension Indicator







Last reading

60 results

Cuff size

22-32 cm

22-42 cm

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Accuracy is always maintained in all Omron BP monitors and it has a good customer feedback and the accuracy claimed by the company is around +- 3mmHg for blood pressure and +- 5% for reading pulse.

But it will differ based on how you use the BP monitor or how you take the measurement because many of us ignore the instructions of using the BP monitor by which we get errors or inaccurate readings.

Some things to remember while taking the measurement:

  • Always sit straight on a chair.

  • Do not take the measurement just after work or when exhausted instead wait for few minutes and when your breathing is calm take the measurement.

  • Do not talk while taking the measurement.

Doing these ensures accurate results.

In terms of Accuracy you will find around 5 to 7 value difference compared to a lab test according to many customers using Omron 7120 and Omron 7156.

Many customers were satisfied with both the BP monitors accuracy since both are easy to use.

You will see more accuracy in Omron hem 7156 because in this there is a feature of Average result where it will show the average of last 3 results within 10 minutes and using the Averaging feature you can get a more accurate result by getting the average of three results but this feature is not available in Omron 7120.

Cuff Features

Both the BP monitor comes with a Intellisense Technology that inflates with the right amount of pressure on the Cuff automatically and deflates automatically which makes it comfortable to use.

Another feature called Cuff wrapping guide allows you to know if you have wrapped the cuff correctly and it will show an "OK" sign indicating that the cuff is wrapped correctly and the BP monitor will start the measurement.

Both the BP monitor has this feature.

Omron 7156 comes with a unique Intelli Wrap 360 degree cuff which is different from normal cuffs used in every BP monitors. When you use a normal cuff, you have to make sure it is wrapped correctly and the pump or the pipe like through which cuff is connected to the BP monitor has to be near the veins of your arm and in correct position but using Intelli wrap cuff you just have to simply wrap it around you arm and it will intelligently figure out the blood pressure even if the pipe is near or around your vein.

Why choose Intelli wrap:

  • Best for beginners

  • Can be wrapped using one hand and doesn't require help from other

  • 360 degree feature automatically detects pulse and pressure even if the pipe location is near or far from vein on your arm.

Cuff size is also a plus point for Omron hem 7156 as it comes with universal cuff size that is 22 - 42 cm but Omron hem 7120 comes with the cuff size of 22-32 cm.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

It is a feature that will detect Irregular heartbeat while you take a measurement.

A multiple heart symbol will appear on the screen if anyone has Irregular Heartbeat and then just wait for 2-3 min and again take the measurement, if you observe the same symbol in this reading also then contact your doctor.

This feature is helpful in knowing if your heartbeat is regular or irregular.

Omron hem 7120 and Omron hem 7156 has this feature.

Hypertension Indicator

A heart shaped with waveforms symbol will appear if your systolic and diastolic level are out of standard range of 135 mmHg and 85 mmHg respectively.

This feature is helpful to know if you have Hypertension or not and you can immediately consult a doctor.

Both the BP monitors has this feature.

Body movement Detection

This feature ensures accurate results because most of the people move their body while taking a BP measurement and this affects accuracy of result.

If a body symbol appears in the Display of the BP monitor then it means you have moved your body while taking the measurement and you can take the measurement again to get an accurate result.

Both the BP monitors has this feature.


One of the feature that most people who require is Memory because many people check their BP many times and analyze the difference throughout the day and then make changes in their lifestyle or eating habit and for this keeping a record or Memory is Important sometimes in these BP monitors.

Omron hem 7120 does not store any measurement but it will show you the last reading of your previous measurement.

Omron hem 7156 has a capacity of storing 60 readings or measurements with date and time

and it also gives the average of your last 3 readings.

Our Opinion

Both the BP monitors are good to use and it depends on you to decide which one is best suited according to you, If you have to check your previous readings then Memory is an important feature and if you don't want to get error by wrapping the cuff incorrectly then the Intelli cuff is a better choice.

If you have a bigger arm then having a cuff size of 22-42 cm is important which comes in Omron hem 7156.

And based on this Omron hem 7156 is a better BP monitor compared to Omron hem 7120.

If you are looking for a cheap BP monitor that does its work properly and you are not concerned about memory or cuff size or feature then going for Omron hem 7120 is a good choice.

Buying from our links would be helpful:

Omron hem 7120 : Buy on Amazon

Omron hem 7156 : Buy on Amazon


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