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5 Best Body Composition and Fat Analyzer Scale India 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Maintaining health is becoming an important task for every individual and it is important to track your weight and body composition metrics to get an idea of your health condition and and having a body composition scale also helps to reduce and improve health condition before its too late.

What is Body Composition?

It is a method that breaks down our body into its core components and they are protein,fat,muscle,minerals and body water and this method helps to understand the body's health and this analysis can help determine fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

We have shared some of the best body fat analyzer that are best for your healthy life.

Healthsense BS 171

  • It measures upto 13 body composition readings that includes Body weight, BMI, Body fat percentage, Fat-free Body weight ,Subcutaneous fat percentage, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Body age, Skeletal and Body Water Percentage.

  • It can be paired by Bluetooth with their Fitdays App on your smartphone Device both Android and IPhone.

  • Can be used by 24 different users including Babies and keep all of their track in the Fitdays App

  • You can view Graph of your weight measured in months to view the changes in your weight.

  • Warranty of 1 year is provided by the Manufacturer.

  • BIA Technology for better Accuracy is used in this weighing scale.

  • You can also set a target weight in this Weighing scale which is quite useful when trying to lose weight.

  • The Display is big and made of White LED for better viewing of the measurement.

  • 4 High precision sensors are used for maintaining accuracy of the device.

Dr Trust 509

  • It can track upto 16 Body metrics that are Weight, Protein Rate, Fat-free Weight, BMR, Subcutaneous fat, Visceral Fat, Body age, BFR ,Muscle Weight, Skeletal Muscle, BMI, Bone mass, Muscle mass, Basal Metabolism, Body water, Body Fat.

  • Can be used by 8 different user and all their records can be tracked through the app.

  • It has a USB port and can be recharged with an Android USB cable.

  • It can be connected through Dr Trust scale App (Android and IPhone) by Bluetooth and then you can track your weights and other metrics.

  • The Battery is about 500 mAh and it can be used for months with one charge and it also measures the room temperature.

  • It has 4 high precision sensors and ensures 2 digit accuracy that means it gives result upto two decimal points.

  • The Display is LCD screen and is easy to view and it powers ON automatically when you step on it.

ActiveX Savvy

  • You can measure 13 body composition scales that are weight, body fat percentage, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, and bone mass, visceral fat.

  • It comes with Auto-on/off, auto-zero, low battery and overload indication to ensure better performance.

  • The Display is Bright LED that is considered better than LCD for easy viewing and better view in low light.

  • You can download ActiveX App and set target and get insights of your body composition but this Device cannot be connected through Bluetooth and you have to enter manually all the details to store your data which is a drawback for this weighing scale.

  • You can view graphs and charts of your weights to understand changes in your weights.

  • Lithium Batteries that can be recharged using USB cord and you don’t have to buy new batteries that saves your money.

  • 1 year of Warranty.

Omron HBF 375

  • This scale is different than all the other as it more accurately measures your all body metrics.

  • It has 8 sensors working for both hands and feet for complete body measurement.

  • You have to hold the display unit in your hand and hold at 90 degree angle for whole body measurement.

  • It measures body weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat, visceral fat, and skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, body age, and visceral fat, skeletal muscle.

  • It stores upto 90 days of results.

  • And tracks and records everything in the display attached with the weighing scale.

  • Works on 4 AA Batteries.

  • 1 year warranty is provided.

Actofit Smart Scale

  • Measures 15 Body composition metrics that include weight, metabolic age, body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, body water %, skeletal mass, bone mass, BMR, BMI, subcutaneous fat, protein, Physique, Fat Free Weight, Health Score.

  • Also has an AI chatbot technology in the app to guide you in maintaining health

  • Download the Actofit App and view trends graph that allows you to track progress.

  • 16 different users can use this device and everyone can track their own health records.

  • BIA technology for accurate and precise measurement

  • Connect the app through Bluetooth and automatically transfers your results into the app and it check the insight of your weights and other metrics.

  • Works on 4 AAA Batteries.

  • 1 year Warranty is provided by the Manufacturer.


These are some of the Best body composition scales which have satisfied customer feedback and you may choose any of the above weighing scales for experiencing best performance for you or your loved ones.

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Dr Trust 509 Check on Amazon


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