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Accu chek vs Dr Morepen vs Onetouch Comparison

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

People are always confused while buying a glucometer and they come to a conclusion of almost buying from the three Glucometers that we are going to compare in this post.

All these three Glucometers are found to be the best in the market with their good features and working quality.

In here we will be comparing Accu chek active,Dr.Morepen BG-03 and OneTouch Verio Flex to find the best glucometer suitable for you.

Let’s look into them all.


In terms of price dr. Morepen is the cheapest with price about 800 and One touch is in between them with price range of 1075 and Accu chek is costly as compared to both with the price tag of 1440.


All these three have provided to be the best in terms of accuracy and are found to be reliable for many of the customers who suffer from diabetes.

But Accu chek has met all the international recommendation for clinical accuracy which makes it ahead of the other two devices(1)

OneTouch has also proved to be accurate and precise(2)

Dr. Morepen has not many claims of accuracy but customers are satisfied with its results that can also show they are accurate.

Result time

All the three shows the result within 5 seconds if there is no external interruption.

Coding Required

No coding required for any of the glucometers and they are user friendly with this feature.


All the three have a large display making it easier to look at the results.

Accu chek has 96 segmented LCD while Onetouch has LCD screen and Dr Morepen BG-03 has LED screen.

Storing Results

Accu chek can store upto 500 recent results which can be transferred via USB to your laptop or computer.

Onetouch can store upto 500 results and this has a Bluetooth function by which you can transfer the results directly into your mobile phone (with OneTouch reveal app).

Dr Morepen Glucometer stores upto 300 recent readings.

Blood Sample

Sample required in Accu chek is about 1 to 2µl that is much of blood as compared to Onetouch and Dr Morepen as they only require about 0.5 µl of blood for the test.

Ease of Use

All the three glucometer are light weighted and easy to carry around.

Alternate site testing

In this you can prick from any part of your body not just your fingertip and this is available in all the three glucometer but still accurate results can be observed through fingertip.

The Test strip

Test strip is an important material in a Glucometer as without them you cannot measure your Glucose level.

So,It is important to know that once you buy a specific Glucometer you have to purchase test strip all the time that means you should know the price of the test strip before buying the Glucometer.

Accu chek 50 Test strip price is about 969.

Onetouch 50 test strip is about 1060.

And Dr.Morepen 50 test strip is about the price of 704.

You will get 10 test strips free when you buy any of these glucometer and after that you have to purchase test strip according to the price discussed above.

Lancing Device

The device that helps in easy pricking of your finger so that you can easily drop the blood in the Glucometer test strips.

Accu chek Lancing device(Softclix) has been ranked to be the most painless among all the lancing device in the market (Check here) and OneTouch(Delica) also(Check here) but not much information regarding lancing device of Dr.Morepen

Lancing device is provided with the Glucometer with some lancets (one time use).Lancets are also to be bought when finished.

Warnings and Alerts

Accu chek has a Underdose detecting sensor which will warn to put right amount of blood if it’s in lesser quantity.

Dr.Morepen doesn’t include these warnings.

Onetouch has a great feature to assist you by color technology about your level of glucose and alerts you through color and audio if your blood glucose level is high or low.

Readings Average

Accu chek and Onetouch gives you the average readings of 7,14,30 days.

While Dr.Morepen gives you the average reading of 7 days only.

Other features

Accu chek comes with a post and pre meal reminders and also shows the difference in your post and pre meal glucose levels which is a good feature to control diet.

OneTouch comes with a pre and post meal tags which also helps in assisting in diet methods but it is advanced and in easy form.

And also contains a logbook which keeps your record and all this is inside the app.

You can also add information about insulin or carbs in events.

You can read this pdf for for the features Onetouch provides.

Dr Morepen doesn’t have many features.


If you are concerned about the wrong readings then you can check this by a control solution(It does not come with the Glucometer) because if you apply the control solution(it has its own constant glucose level) then glucometer will read the solution and give the result and if the range of control solution matches with the result that means your glucometer is working fine.

Every Glucometer has its own Control solution and no universal solution.


If budget is your problem then you should go for Dr.Morepen but it will be difficult for you to organize your data or results. Its kind of a Normal Glucometer.

If you want a very easy to use Glucometer then Onetouch could be a good choice which has color tech to assist you and many features inside the app to organize your results in better way. Its a great choice for a beginner.

Accu chek is a great choice if budget is not your problem and it is easy to use and a good Glucometer. Its good for beginner and others too.

If you buy from these link it would be helpful

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Dr Morepen Check on Amazon


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