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Best and Accurate Oximeters India

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

A pulse oximeter is becoming an important health monitor device.

An oximeter is a painless way to monitor your oxygen levels and there are many types of oximeter available but fingertip oximeters are the best as they are easy to use.

Buying a good pulse oximeter is a hefty work but we have shared some of the best ways by which you can determine your best oximeter.

What does an Oximeter show?

Pi index: It is the ratio of pulse blood that flows to non-pulse blood in tissue of an individual like fingertip,toe or ear lobe.

Normal range:. 0.02% for very weak pulse to 20% for extremely strong pulse.

Oxygen Saturation level(Sp02): Amount of Haemoglobin bound to your Oxygen or amount of Oxygen in your blood.

Normal range: It should be between 95% and 100%.

If the rate is 94% or less than it, the person needs to be treated quickly. Less than 90% of oxygen saturation is a clinical emergency.

Pulse rate:It is the number of timers your heart beat per minute.

Normal range: 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Plethysmograph: A graph representation of your pulse rate.This feature is present in some of the Oximeters in the market.

These are the main readings that an Oximeter takes.

Features you should look into oximeter:

Time for readings:

It is crucial how much time does an oximeter take to show the reading and the lesser the time taken the better it is.


The cost of the Oximeter should be decent and affordable and you should avoid buying the most expensive oximeter in the market but some oximeter like dr trust are pricy but are more accurate than others so you should also focus on accuracy too.


As discussed above accuracy is really important of a pulse oximeter and in short there are no accurate oximeter because they are close to being accurate for example if your Saturation level is about 90% in oximeter but the real result will be between 92 or 88 % and it also depends on many factors that is discussed below in the post.


You should know how many years does the brand provides the warranty of the product to ensure repairing of your Oximeters. Many Oximeter have 1 year to 5 year of warranty.

Extra Features:

It should be water resistant or should have alarm or beep settings.

These are the few things you should look to buy a perfect oximeter.

Why some get error or inaccurate readings:

Many people complaint about inaccurate readings from an Oximeter without knowing how to take correct measurements.

Here we will tell you some factors that must be considered to get the best results:

  • Before placing your finger in Oximeter make sure your hands are warm.

  • Remove nail polish as it may affect the light intensity of oximeter.

  • Sit calm and still while taking the measurement.

  • Wait for few seconds until the reading is steady.

  • Write down your results with date and time and take two or three readings together and average it out for better accuracy.

If you don’t feel your Oximeter is accurate then you should know what the symptoms of low oxygen levels are:

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Chest pain or tightness feeling

  • Fast pulse rate

  • Blue coloring of lips, face and nails

Consult your doctor all the time if you have difficulty. Don’t rely on the pulse Oximeter alone.

Now you know many of the things regarding Oximeter.

We have also made a list of Oximeter which you can consider for your health.

The Best and accurate Oximeters:

Dr trust oximeter

Dr trust Oximeter are said to be FDA and CE approved and they are good in accuracy and build quality.

Dr trust Signature series

Shows readings in 6 seconds and designed for people of all ages and it is water resistant and shuts down automatically after you remove your finger

And has a OLED screen and can be used by people with sensitive skin as it is made hypo allergic latex free material and made with ABS that makes it durable.

Dr trust Professional series

This is also one of dr trust Oximeter that is best and contain all the feature it contains all the feature signature series has but the difference between signature and professional series is that professional series screen can be viewed easily in dark also and it has settings of brightness and alarm settings.

Both the Oximeter are great and you can go with any of these two.

Beurer po30

It has a large screen with a colored display and has a automatic switch off feature and it has 4 display formats for easy readings.

Gives reading within 6 seconds.

Auto switch off and adjustable brightness with a low battery indicator.

The build quality is good and as a basic Oximeter it is a good choice.


Accuracy is best in this Oximeter Multidirectional display for easy readings

And also contain low battery indicator so that you can replace batteries on time.

It also shows Plethysmograph(Waves of Pulse rate) which is not available in many Oximeters.

Visual and audio alarm when readings are low or high and has a automatic shut off function.

Healthsense Accu-Beat FP 910

Good Oximeter has a allergic latex free material for allergy sensitive skin

Auto switch off in 8 sec of inactivity.

It also shows Plethysmograph and has a optical detection tech for accuracy.

One button operation and multidirectional for easy readings.

Alarm for high or low readings and SpO2 level Alarm (you can switch it off if you want to).

Newnik PX701

Newnik px701 is FDA approved.

Good Accuracy and multi directional screen and has an auto power off function after use.

Water resistant and shows plethysmograph.

It has a low battery indicator so that you can replace the batteries on time.

These are some of good Oximeters for accuracy and good features.

You can also buy cheap Dr vaku which we have discussed in another post Dr vaku review and is at affordable price but in terms of accuracy still needs improvement.


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