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The 5 Best Insulin Coolers & Insulin Travel Cases in 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

For a traveler or a person who needs to keep to go out always for work, it is not easy to carry your insulin and other diabetic materials together in one bag.

It is necessary for a person with diabetes to buy a travel case and keep their allergy medicines and other important medication along with insulin together in one go.

Since insulin should be kept in cooling condition always then it becomes more important to buy an insulin carrying case.

We have shared some of the insulin travel cases and they weren’t easy to search on amazon but we have collected the best of all in this post.

One of the best insulin cases in the market and also having great feedback from the customers.

Frio case does not need refrigeration and also doesn’t require ice packs and you just have to immerse the pouch into normal or cold water (much better).

You don’t need to buy ice packs and also you can use it anywhere if you have water as it does not need refrigeration. This saves your some amount of money on ice packs and also time of refrigeration.

The pouch provides a cooling effect of around 18 to 26 degree Celsius for 45 hours which is great for travelers and the pouch is reusable.

You are provided with two pouch an inner pouch and an outer pouch.

This pouch is only for keeping insulin pens and not for carrying any other medicines or your glucometer.

Frio has a space for 3 insulin pens or 1 pen and 2 refill cartridges and also some space for keeping your medications.

How to use:

  • Immerse the inner pouch in cold water for 5 to 10 min and take it out from the water.

  • Don’t let it over soak or it may get damaged quickly.

  • Dab it with a towel for few seconds and place the inner pouch inside the outer pouch and now you can place your insulin pens inside the outer pouch.

This travel case is also similar to Frio but cheaper and it also has 3 pouch that provides much more cooling environment to the insulin pens.

The pouch does not require refrigeration and ice packs.

The pouch has 3 covering that is outer (It provides air circulation and water evaporation), middle (soaking the water) and inner (keeping the materials).

The storage space is more compared to Frio and it can keep Insulin, vials, syringes and Pens and 1 month dosage in single case.

It can keep the materials upto 18 to 26 degree Celsius temperature for 45 hours.

You get 2 years of warranty.

How to use:

  • Keep the middle pouch inside cold or normal water for 5 to 10 mins.

  • Soak out excess water by gently dabbing using towel.

  • Put your insulin in the inner pouch and place them in the middle pouch and place the middle pouch in the outer pouch.

This case does not require any refrigeration and also no ice packs required and it is cheap compared to Frio.

There are two pouches in this case one is inner and the other is outer pouch.

You can only keep on insulin in this case but since it is small you can keep it anywhere.

It stores the insulin at 18 to 26 degree Celsius for upto 45 hours.

The insulin case can be reused if the inner pouch is dipped again in the water.

They provide warranty of 1 year.

How to use:

  • Keep the inner pouch in water for 5 to 10 mins.

  • Soak out excess water gently by using towel

  • Keep the inner pouch inside the outer pouch and keep your insulin in the outer pouch.

These cases have passed RoHS test which ensure that they are using non-toxic gel packs.

Their cooling effect is 1.5 much better than normal carrying cases.

It keeps the material upto 8 degree Celsius for 5 to 8 hours.

It can store upto 2 pens and some medication that are required for daily needs.

There is not much space in this case and cannot be used for long distance travelers.

Its insulation effect is upto 92% and provides more cooling of your medications.

How to use:

  • Cool the gel packs for 12 hours

  • Keep the gel pack inside the case

  • Then keep all your required medication along with insulin in the travel case.

This case is light weighted and has 2 ice packs to provide coolness to your insulin.

This ice packs can be reused many times.

You can use them without refrigeration which allows you to keep insulin at room temperature.

There are 2 ice packs that comes with the case and you can put insulin, syringes and paper towel and some accessories in the case.

You have to freeze them for 8 to 10 hours before using the ice packs and it keeps the accessories cool for 8 hours.

You can keep them anywhere and use them for day trips and not for long travels as the cooling effect may reduce after 8 hours.

How to use:

  • Cool the ice packs

  • Keep the ice packs in the case

  • Then keep your accessories safely in the case.

Product List:

Buying through our links would be helpful.

These are some of the insulin carrying cases that will help you in most of your travelling purposes.

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