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Caresmith vs Oracura Water flosser

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

There are many water flosser in the market and it becomes harder to buy the right one.

We have compared two of the most selling water flosser that is Caresmith and Oracura and people often confuse which one to select.

So, here we have made a detailed comparison between the two water flosser and in the end you will be able to select the right water flosser for yourself.

About the Brands

Both the companies operate in India and has gained popularity due to innovative products they have offered to the customers.

Oracura is a company which only focuses on dental health and its related products but Caresmith has wide variety of healthcare products other than dental or oral devices.

Both the companies have made a strong customer base and have been providing good support to customers.

We have compared Oracura smart water flosserOc001 with Caresmith professional flosser as these two products are on the top when it comes to buying a water flosser.

Oracura and Caresmith have different types of flosser but we have selected the two that are sold the most.

Both the product are nice and we will compare their qualities and function :


Oracura oc100

Caresmith Professional

Water capacity




10-14 days











Buying link

Tank Capacity:

Water is stored in the Tank which is connected with the jet spray, and different flosser have different tank capacity.

Oracura has 300ml water tank capacity and Caresmith also has 300ml of water tank capacity

So, In terms of capacity both are at the same level.

Water tank design:

Both the tanks are detachable.

The Water tank design is different in both as Caresmith tank is added to the end of flosser like a small cup which makes it easy for you to clean the tank.

In Oracura ,the tank design is good and long compared to caresmith and is added connecting through the back of flosser and it sometimes is harder to keep it clean.

Water tank filling:

You can fill caresmith tank from the bottom through the given hole or also you can take detach the tank and fill it with water and then attach it again with the device.

In Oracura you can fill the tank through bottom opening and this is also detachable like caresmith but could have problem tp clean the water tank.

Modes of Pressure:

There are three modes in both the water flosser.

  • Normal : A more advanced cleaning where the flosser works with high pressure

  • Soft :It is for beginners where the flosser works with low pressure

  • Pulse: It is used to massage gums by allowing the flosser to vibrate and improve blood circulation.

Both the Oracura and Caresmith comes with these 3 modes and amount of pressure is also somewhat same.

Ease of use:

Both the products are easy to use and their build quality is also great.

But Oracura flosser is more comfortable to hold compared to Caresmith

Battery :

Caresmith batteries will last upto 10 days and Oracura could last upto 14 days. So, the battery life is more in Oracura compared to Caresmith.

And if you use it daily then batteries would last upto 6-7 days for both the flossers.

A full charge can take upto 2 hours as seen in both the flossers.

USB cable is provided in the package of both the flosser.


A standard nozzle comes with both the flosser.

These flosser can be rotated 360 degree for better cleansing of teeth and both nozzle is 360 degree rotatable.

The nozzle works silently in Oracura and decent in Caresmith.

Other features:

Both the water flosser comes with IPX7 that makes it waterproof and antileak and can be used in the shower too.


You can buy any of the flosser as both have the same features when compared and also build quality is somewhat similar but in terms of price Caresmith is cheaper than Oracura oc100.

If you want to buy cheap and good then go with Caresmith but better in build quality and performance you can choose Oracura oc100.


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