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Omron hem 7120 vs Omron hem 7121 : Which is better?

Keeping a Blood pressure monitor at home is a need nowadays and maintaining Blood pressure is very much important and have to be taken care all the time in our life.

Even if anyone doesn't suffer from Hypertension, you should always take precaution before its too late to change.

Buying a simple Blood pressure monitor could be helpful to keep your blood pressure in check.

There are many blood pressure monitors in the market and one of the most bought blood pressure monitor are from Omron, which is a Japan based company that focuses on providing the best medical devices they can.

In this post we have compared Omron 7120 and Omron 7121.

Omron hem 7120 vs Omron hem 7121


Omron hem 7120

Omron hem 7121

Hypertension Indicator



Body detection



Irregular heartbeat detector




Last reading

30 readings

Cuff size

22-32 cm

22-42 cm

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Company claims the same accuracy for both the blood pressure monitors which is +- 3 mmHg for blood pressure and 5 % difference in pulse rate.

Accuracy also depends on how you sit and how you take the measurement so, its important to know these things before taking a measurement for better accurate results.

Customer Reviews:

Majority of customers are satisfied with the accuracy of both the bp monitors.

and 1 in 50 still say these bp monitors are inaccurate.

But overall you can trust for accuracy in both of these bp monitors.


These are features available in every bp monitor of Omron and all the features are in both the bp monitors.

Cuff Wrapping Guide: Shows an "OK" symbol to show that cuff is wrapped correctly.

Hypertension Indicator: Shows a "Heart with ECG waves" symbol to tell that your blood pressure is higher than normal level(systolic>135mmHg and diastolic>85mmHg).

This is helpful in taking immediate safety measures.

Body Movement Detection: Shows a "body" type symbol whenever you move your body while taking the measurement because movement causes error in measurement and the monitor will show incorrect reading so, this feature is helpful in making sure reading is accurate.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Shows a "Heart" symbol stating that you have an irregular heartbeat or variation in pulse.

These features are helpful and makes the bp monitor better.


We have seen the features and they are the same in both the bp monitors, Omron hem 7120 and Omron hem 7121.


Omron hem 7120 does not store any readings in it but will show your last taken measurement.

Omron Hem 7121 has a storage of 30 readings.

Cuff size:

Omron hem 7120 comes with a cuff size of 22-32 cm which is good for mostly everyone.

Omron hem 7121 comes with a cuff size of 22-42 cm which is best for people with bigger and wider arms.

Warranty of 5 years in both the bp monitors and the Display is same in both the Bp monitors in terms of size and clear view.


Both the Bp monitors are same in terms of feature but if you want a Bp monitor that stores your previous readings then Omron hem 7121 is the best choice but if memory is not a concern then buying Omron hem 7120 would be worth it.

If you have bigger arms and cuff size should be bigger then you can go for Omron hem 7121 but if you have thin arms then cuff size of 22-32 cm is enough which is available in Omron hem 7120.

Buying through our links would be helpful:

Omron hem 7120 : Buy on Amazon

Omron hem 7121 : Buy on Amazon

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