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Contour plus One vs Accu chek Active Comparison

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

There are many Glucometer brands and it becomes harder to decide which is the best one for you and In this post we have compared Contour plus one and accu chek Active and have made it clear which is best for you or your loved ones.

If you are only looking for accu chek Glucometers then you can check out this post as we have taken all the accu chek glucometers available in India, Best Accu chek meter

This post will make a clear comparison of Contour plus one and Accu chek Active,These two are some of the Best Glucometers in the market.

Why Choose Contour Plus One and Accu chek Active ?

These Two glucometers score 3/3 Star for blood glucose monitor and are certified by Medaval(Certification for Accuracy) for usage by common people.

Accu chek Active and Contour plus One fulfill ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements for a safe blood glucose monitor for people.

Accuracy of Accu chek and Contour plus One?

As they fulfill ISO accuracy requirement and also Medaval certification for accurate glucometer and it has been proved that they have accuracy of more than 95% and the result may fall within ±15 mg/dL value compared to the actual value.

This is the first concern every person has before buying a glucometer and now you can see that both the glucometer are safe to use and in terms of Accuracy you can choose any of the two.

Let's dig deeper for more comparison points:

Price of the Test strips:

A most important thing to notice before buying a Glucometer is,the price of their test strips and you should consider buying test strips that are affordable and easily available.

The Price of Accu chek Active test strips range from Rs 16 to 20 per strips depending on the pack you are buying for example if you buy pack of 50 test strip the price of each strip will be Rs 19 but if you buy a pack of 100 test strips the price comes down to Rs`16 per strip.

Contour plus one test strips also range from Rs 16 to 19 per strip depending on the pack of 50 and 100 test strips respectively.

The price of both the test strip is similar and both the glucometer are affordable according to their price and price of their test strips.


Memory is also one of the main factor for a Glucometer.

Accu chek Active has a memory of 500 results and you can transfer your result via a USB to your laptop when it exceeds.

Contour Plus One has a Memory of 800 results and you can transfer the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone in no time which is a good point for this glucometer.

Blood Sample:

Blood sample required for Accu chek Active is 1 to 2 µl or 1 drop of blood.

But Contour plus one require less amount of blood and that is around 0.6µl or less than a drop.

Contour plus one require less amount of blood compared to Accu chek active.

Result Time:

Both Accu chek active and Contour plus one show the result within 5 seconds and both are fast and easy to operate.

Re-dose Sample:

A feature that is available in not many glucometer is redosing that means you can use the same test strip if your blood sample is not enough on the test strip and this saves your time and a test strip because many glucometer does not allow redosing and will give a error and you may have to use another test strip and this is a waste of time and money.

Accu chek gives an Under-dose alert in the display of the meter and will give you 10 seconds to redose your test strip and you can take the test strip oput and drop your blood sample and within 10 seconds insert it again and view your result.

In Contour Plus One, your meter will beep twice and a test strip symbol will appear in the display of the glucometer and you are given 60 seconds of time to drop your blood on the same test strip.

10 seconds is less and you have to be fast to take out the strip and redose again but 60 seconds is enough time for re-dosing and Contour plus one would be better in this.

Bluetooth connection:

Accu chek Active is not a smart Glucometer and it cannot support bluetooth but you can transfer your results using a USB cord.

Contour plus one has a Bluetooth function that lets you transfer your results easily and also it has an app that stores the results and also can be accessed through you smartphone.

For Accu chek they have released Accu chek Guide which comes under the category of smart glucometer.


You can view the result averages of 7 14 30 and 90 days in the Accu chek Active Glucometer.

You can view the average in the Contour plus App and also view the graph and trends of your blood glucose level readings.

Meal Markers:

You can set Pre and Post meal markers to test your glucose level on time in Accu chek Active.

There are three types of Markers in Contour Plus One:

  • After-meal Meal Marker

  • Before-meal Meal Marker

  • Fasting Meal Marker

Contour plus One also stores these readings differently to better understand the results which is not available in Accu chek Active and could be a problem while picking out the results you want.

Extra Features:

Smart light for easy to understand your result in Contour plus one but not available in Accu chek active.

Read more about Contour Plus One


Both the glucometer are good choices but if you want a smart glucometer then you should opt for Contour plus one as it has Bluetooth function and smart light feature and an App to guide and allowing you to better view of your results in your smartphone.

Accu chek active is also one of the best glucometers but they are not upgraded for more features like in Accu chek Guide.

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